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    So we have a YouTube for MapleMation right? Why don't we make it like a HyunsDojo type deal? Upload half decent good MBRS that are finished, and just random people's animated skits.

    Or remember StillFramed? That welcomed all sprite animations, Maple and non maple.
    It would be like Hyuns Dojo for sprite animators.

    Unless they already have that....?

    Just seems like a good idea, Maple animating would become much more popular again aswell.
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    wow yeah that is a good idea i agree with that
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    I'm pretty sure there's a way to post on the Maplemation YouTube channel. You gotta apply here.
    I think it's the same for the Hyun's Dojo in that you gotta apply/ask to have your video to be featured (and have a very good reason/video in general lol).

    Basically, I think it comes down to the animator/owner of the video who has to give MM permission to upload their content on the YouTube, because the staff of the YouTube channel can't just willy-nilly upload every video that gets shown on the forums.

    That being said, I think it'd be great if more people submitted (finished) Maple animations that they're proud of to the Maplemation YouTube channel, because, considering the YouTube channel has almost 1k subscribers, the audience is wider. :DD
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    Yeah, all of that. Tracey beat me to it... [​IMG]

    Aside from giving MM permission and general video quality, if you do submit a video there, be prepared to have a title (ez), description (ez), a custom thumbnail (EZ) and be prepared to upload your video unlisted for staff to preview your animation. Also, upload the video file offsite somewhere for the staff to download if they decide to upload it. When I submitted a video, I actually forgot to give them a download link at first, and it slowed me down a bit.