【FutureLegend】 Episode 1 Preview

Discussion in 'Animations' started by FightRay, May 29, 2017.

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    Here's the preview for the first episode of my animated series FutureLegend,
    it will air in July or end of June, 20 minutes for each episode. Tell me your thoughts :D

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    Nice use of fire and wind. Editing software effects are pretty nice too (assuming you're using Vegas for all those shadows, tinting, and color grading.

    Work on the voice narration and wording. It's honestly a bit corny and too anime-cliche-esque at the moment, no offense :/
    Also, a problem with a preview like this is it says "next time", but there hasn't been a FIRST time yet. Typically, a preview in this style is based on some kind of context from the last episode your viewers just saw. I recommend finishing your pilot episode and making a teaser trailer for that instead.

    This comes from a guy who made a first preview of his (still-in-the-works) series when the concept was barely ready several years ago. Learn from my mistake xD