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    Heyo! My name's Fade. I've been animating ever since I was 10 and so I've had a lot of experience with animating as a whole. However, I've never animated Maple sprites, nor have I felt like I've improved enough in order to be as good as many others today. So I wanted to join this so I can get more experience with animating, get more help, and overall meet new buds in the community. Hope I'm not a dick lol.
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    Welcome Fade! Improvements come about in proportion to the amount of time you choose to put in. As a general rule of thumb here, criticism is often given openly by members with the intent of drawing attention to weaker areas so that they may be improved upon. As long as you keep this in mind, practice diligently and use CnC (Comments and Criticism) as fuel for progress, I have no doubt that you'll see improvements over time!

    Good skill! (because you don't need luck c:)
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