Helllo! Raphael my name!

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    Greetings and hewwo!

    My name is Raphael, and just today i discovered the Pixelanimations! After i saw a huge collaborations with Maplestory animations, i was so inspired for a new hobby and wanted to try that out myself! A friend of mine helped me to get all the stuff i need to actually start with this, but i though i should join a Forum to meet people who are actually expierienced!
    I want to really learn how Animating works, for that i am ready to provide my time and passion!

    I am a 25 year old male from Germany, married and i am still learning this language. I'm apologicing in advance if i mistype something, or if i missunderstand you! But i'm also trying my best!
    I hope we can get along well togheter! And i also hope for a lot of fun animations!

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    oh! cute character E|3, erm animating is just about frames, just about frames.. and clicking! u can do it on tracing paper too if u want to do the manual-simpler concept way, just 2 is enough. or 1 but only can do a static sequence so wouldn't really count as animating
    your English is fine, nothing to worry about it
    just familiarize urself with the basics and build a literal solid foundation, everything after that can be easily replicated
    (I think rock solid is still not solid enough, make it denser! :P)
    good luck have fun and just make sure u just keep doing it, anyone can be a pro if they know what they doing

    if ur character's name is Rapahel, where's the bow?
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    Welcome to MM pal!