Kirby vs Sonic Team Battle!

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    I, as well as a few others, are starting up the first ever Kirby vs Sonic Team Battle! This is where a team of Kirby animators and a team of Sonic animators will face off by having each member from each team pair up and participate in an MBR-esque battle, but with their Kirby and Sonic FC! The audience will then vote on which animation of the pair is better, which will result in a point for the team. The team with the most points will determine which fandom has the stronger animation scene: Team Kirby, or Team Sonic!


    The participants now have been chosen for the main event, so unfortunately, you won't be able to join anymore. However, there is a side collab going on called the Kirby & Sonic Collab, where the spectators as well as the participants for the competition can participate in!

    Description: Animate anything you want for the collab, as long as it is regarding Kirby and Sonic characters, FCs or Canon characters.


    _You MUST use Flash (any version is allowed), and you can use any editing programs like AE and Sony Vegas afterwards
    _Can be ANY fps you want _Min. = 15 seconds
    _Watermarks are allowed
    _MUST involve both Kirby and Sonic characters. It can be either FCs or canon characters
    _You can make only a max of two entries for now
    _You are allowed to publicly stream yourself animating your entry for this collab, as well as upload the replay of your stream and your entry itself publicly

    You guys have until October 15th to finish your part.

    So yeah, if you guys are interested in joining the side collab, or just spectate the main collab, be sure to join up in the Discord server!

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    This thread has not been updated since... August 2017. Okay.

    I'm only here to state that most match-ups and the mini collaboration have been uploaded. (Only match-up left is SunGod(Meta Knight) vs Stealth(Shadow)).

    If you wish to see the match-ups, Here is the playlist:


    And here's the Mini Collab:

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