Maple Limitless (Full)

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    14:43 - BulbaWhat98-
    1:30 - mo.-
    1:46 - RedTimez Mations-
    2:38 - nineb !-
    4:04 - Keynan-
    4:35 - LeofardVC-
    5:07 - ModernSorceryMS-
    6:13 - LSManga100-
    6:52 - Trystin Animations-
    7:13 Pizza Guy #579-
    8:08 - Armondew 9000!-
    8:25 - jose 117-
    9:36 - Blez-
    10:11 - Victor-
    10:34 - Mimic (Doesn't have a channel)
    11:32 - Kokorz-
    11:43 - BAnimates-
    12:10 - ScarfKanye-
    12:46 - Untitled Omega-
    13:43 - DSAN-
    14:14 - Mexo-

    0:08 - Find A Way (Makoto feat. Deezim)-
    1:30 - 'Clock Tower' [Remix] from Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Mewmore)-
    1:56 Battle! Zinnia Music (Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire OST)-
    2:38 - Dark Pit’s Theme - Kid Icarus Uprising [Metal Remix] (NateWantsToBattle)-
    3:33 - Ultra Instinct Theme (Dragon Ball Super OST)-
    3:39 - Ultimate Battle - Akira Kushida (Dragon Ball Super OST)-
    4:04 - Parasyte Opening (Parasyte)-
    4:35 - Infinite Azure - Round 1 [Moonsiders 1st] (Tekken 7 OST)-
    5:14 - Forever Torment [Lord Raptor’s/Zabel’s and Victor’s Theme] (Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers 3)-
    6:13 - OST #1 [Main Soundtrack] (Fate/Apocrypha)-
    6:35 - Reverse? [Phoenix Wright Cornered Remix] (No Game No Life OST)-
    6:52 - Never Look Back (The Nearly Deads)-
    7:25 - Riptide Rupture [Ink Theory/Patch 2.0] (Splatoon 2 Official Soundtrack)-
    8:08 - Final Boss: Big Arm [Sonic the Hedgehog 3/Modern Sonic Remix] (FirsEncounterAssault)-
    8:25 - Extend Sky [Touhou Guitar] (CROW’S CLAW)-
    9:40 - Desire Drive ~ Desire Dream (Demetori)-
    10:22 - The Lily of steel (Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- OST)-
    10:36 - Blade & Soul (Zaiwei Merchants Square!)-
    11:33 - Boss Battle (Mario Kart DS)-
    11:43 - Fly in the Freedom (Sonic Adventure 2 OST)-
    11:52 - Title [Opening Theme] (Dragon Ball FighterZ OST)-
    12:13 - I JUST WANNA DIE (FIDLAR ft. The Los Angeles Fire Department)-
    12:29 - Yaphet Kotto (Childish Gambino)-
    12:46 - Chaos Angel [Sonic Advance 3/All Acts/GaMetal Remix] (Jonny Atma)-
    12:50 - Kira’s Theme [Killer] (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable OST)-
    13:44 - Gyakujuuji no Otoko [Chrollo Lucilfer theme] (Hunter x Hunter [2011] OST 2)-
    14:15 - Wretched Weaponry [Dynamic - Vocals] (NieR:Automata OST)-
    14:46 - Jump Up, Super Star! [Main Theme] (Super Mario Odyssey)-
    15:37 - Nitro Fun & Hyper Potions- Checkpoint [Sonic Mania/Meme Edition] (Siivagunner) -
    19:13 - Kerning City (MapleStory OST)-

    Special Credits:
    Mexo (Co-Host)-
    ModernSorceryMS (Thumbnai)-
    ScarfKanye and Untitled Omega (Intro)-
    Ultimate Raccoon Animations (End Credits)-
    ScarfKanye (End Image)-
    spritefan2 (Inspiration)-
    WarrenBark (Announcing Collab on Maplemation's Discord)-

    I hope you guys enjoy :)
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    There are a few things that I need to address:

    1) Maple Limitless is not an original idea. It was inspired by spritefan2's Maple Rushed collabs, where animators have limited time (48 hrs) to animate, and they fight the previous opponent. Derek did give me permission to host the collab. Any insulting comments will get deleted
    2) I'm sorry about the issues in the Intro. Mexo and Astro were originally gonna make the intro and needed to use green screen, but then ScarfKanye and Untitled Omega decided to make the intro and had no choice but to use the green screen, which is why Keynan and Victor's clothes are transparent to the background. There are also a few other things like the hat magically coming back to me and Trystin being spelled wrong. The intro file got deleted though, so it couldn't be fixed.
    3) Sorry that the end credits were long. I didn't expect Ultimate Raccoon Animations to make the end credits that long, but I didn't want him to have to redo it since people were waiting.
    4) The songs credited in the end credits aren't in the order were shown. URA didn't think it was that big of a deal. if you want to know when the songs appear in order, look at the description
    5) Sorry that the video is in 720p and not 1080p. I didn't realize that people were supposed to send in their parts as mp4 files instead of YouTube videos. Their videos were downloaded at 720p. Rendering the videos at 1080p in Premiere Pro wouldn't have made a difference.

    I'm not the most professional when it comes to hosting collabs, but I do plan to host a sequel something next year, and hopefully I'll be able to learn my mistakes from hosting this collab. I hope you guys still enjoy Maple Limitless :)
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    That was awesome, good job guys!
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    Mimic's part is freaking beautiful. Hope to see more Kung fu styled fights from him.
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    Good job you goofs
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    I cant wait to be apart of the next collab, shouts out to bulba for bringing the community as a whole together on this.
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    I actually really enjoyed this collab, it feels nostalgic just watching it and feels really warming. There was some really good ideas in here too and I can't wait to see how everyone improves.
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    So you'd like to join Maple Limitless 2? What's your Discord so that I could contact you about it? Also, it's a bit hard to see your text since it's in black