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[MBR] Medals

Discussion in 'MBR Discussion' started by Pizzaman432 , May 20, 2018.

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  1. Pizzaman432

    Pizzaman432 Beyond God

    Jan 23, 2012
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    1. [​IMG]
      Pro Creator
      Have the most wins in your category (having at least 10 wins)

    2. [​IMG]
      Fail Creator
      Have the most loses in your category (having at least 10 losses)

    3. [​IMG]
      Win a battle with you having 98% of the votes or more

    4. [​IMG]
      Have 50 or more votes than your opponent

    5. [​IMG]
      O' Lucky Day
      Get a point when your opponent forfeits your match

    6. [​IMG]
      On A Roll
      Win 3 matches in a row

    7. [​IMG]
      Win 5 matches in a row

    8. [​IMG]
      Rolling Away
      Lose 3 matches in a row

    9. [​IMG]
      Dead End
      Lose 5 matches in a row

    10. [​IMG]
      Breathe Easy
      Win by 3-5 votes

    11. [​IMG]
      Bad Luck Charm
      Lose by 3-5 votes

    12. [​IMG]
      Win against a match you wagered in

    13. [​IMG]
      All For Nothing
      Lose against a match you wagered in

    14. [​IMG]
      Win against you previously lost to

    15. [​IMG]
      Maybe Next Time, Bud
      Win against someone you won in the past

    16. [​IMG]
      Evenly Matched
      Tie in your match

    17. [​IMG]
      Most Impressive
      Have 3 or more ST/AT/ArT/CT/MT Members post saying they vote for you in a single MBR thread (Depending on which type of MBR it is)

    18. [​IMG]
      Defeat someone in ST/AT/ArT/CT/MT in MBR

    19. [​IMG]
      Lose, but have more comments in your favor

    20. [​IMG]
      Safety First
      Win an MBR with no violence (applicable to Comic and Animation)

    21. [​IMG]
      Perfect Attendance
      Hand in 5 MBRs on time

    1. [​IMG]
      Kill your ally in a 2v2 MBR

    2. [​IMG]
      Win against a 2v2 sprite battle

    1. [​IMG]
      Yin Yang
      Fight someone with the opposite power/element you have

    2. [​IMG]
      Axis vs Allies
      Defeat someone who uses a different program than you

    3. [​IMG]
      Fresh Beats
      Sync an animation to a song

    1. [​IMG]
      Animate your sprite with five frames or more

    2. [​IMG]
      Use a maximum of 6 colors to portray your theme

    3. [​IMG]
      Go Big Or Go Home
      Create and win with a sprite as big or bigger than 250x250px (cropped to smallest possible without editing the sprite)

    1. [​IMG]
      Win a match using in-depth perspective (TO BE DECIDED ON THE ART LEADER)

    2. [​IMG]
      Plan To Gain
      Win a MBR with an art piece (not including GFX) that does not include a background. ex: a solid colour background

    3. [​IMG]
      The 1990's
      Submit a drawing only using a gray scale palette

    4. [​IMG]
      Win a MBR with an art piece that is abundant in nature

    5. [​IMG]
      Win with 5 drawings based at nighttime

    6. [​IMG]
      Afraid Of The Dark
      Have 5 drawings based in daytime

    1. [​IMG]
      One Is Number One
      Make a one panel comic strip and win the battle

    2. [​IMG]
      Lucky 7
      Win a comic MBR with exactly 7 panels, not including title

    1. [​IMG]
      The Big Picture
      Create a non-loopable map that's bigger or equal to 1500(h)x3000(w) and win

    2. [​IMG]
      Make a map using at least three different town sprites

    3. [​IMG]
      No Littering Allowed
      Construct a normally clean area, littered

    4. [​IMG]
      New Horizons
      Implement 3D elements into a map

    1. [​IMG]
      The Leader
      Establish your own faction

    2. [​IMG]
      Disband your faction/Leave your leader's faction

    3. [​IMG]
      Challenge and beat your faction leader

    4. [​IMG]
      Win against five members of a specific faction, including its Leader (also applies to regular matches with them)

    5. [​IMG]
      Challenge at least six members in a faction (including its leader), and lose to all the battles

    6. [​IMG]
      Team Player
      Win against three Faction wars for your faction

    7. [​IMG]
      Win against five Faction wars for your faction

    1. [​IMG]
      Resilient Warrior
      Lose 3 MBRQs

    2. [​IMG]
      Army of One
      Win 3 MBRQs

    3. [​IMG]
      Point Monger
      Win 5 MBRQs

    4. [​IMG]
      Brute Force
      Win 10 MBRQs

    5. [​IMG]
      The Next Legend
      Win 15 MBRQs

    If you have any suggestions for medals, leave them in the medal suggestion thread!
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