Min vs. Victor

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Who wins this MBR?

  1. Min

  2. Victor

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  1. Min

    Min NO
    Animation Team

    Oct 29, 2014
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    Time Limit: None
    Theme: Freestyle
    Due Date: Originally was supposed to be weeks ago, but we added on several extensions.

    Min's Animation:
    Notes: I had a lot of fun making this animation, got to try out so many new things in After Effects. Lot of my inspiration during the animation was starting to fall and while I was going to finish off the animation with a dialogue scene, I wanted to just be done with it and start working on different projects. So unfortunately you guys won't be able to see that portion of my MBR entry. There are lots of errors and mistakes in this animation (stuff I won't mention in this post), but feel free to include it in your CnC if you have any.
    I was planning on making the ending dialogue in something like this
    Profile: http://maplemation.com/threads/n-o-x-x-_.28928/

    Victor's Animation:
    Notes: Congrats to min for the MBR ez win but also appologize for the short animation. At the very start of the MBR my flash cs6 crashed out on me permanently after installing Photoshop lmao. Tried to fix it for the mbr for a few days. (I could say a few days but realistically if I was smart I would of fixed it the day it was broken) but I tried a few times, got Flash8 and then THAT wasn't fucking working which was a pain in the ass, and after I got it working my movieclips and Vcam didn't work for anything. Like I would place Vcam somewhere and it would appear somewhere else, also movie clip (blur,hue,dropshadow, etc,) wasn't working... EVENTUALLY I got around it and got it working (was a fucking bitch) (fuck you flash you fucking flash ass rip off of fucking Disney you peice of shit) to animate before I had go leave for nova Scotia.

    Was upsetting because I was so fucking stoked and excited to animate this mbr .

    Profile: http://maplemation.com/threads/victors-mbr-profile-and-what-not.18165/

    Please vote fairly!
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  2. Tra-La-Tracey

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    Jan 12, 2011
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    Good job, both of you! I enjoyed that you both included some context/backstory prior to the fighting sequences (Min's way with pretty rigging and effects and Victor's way of doing so in less than 7 seconds).

    Min -- Pretty effects and very dynamic fight sequence! Ending felt so abrupt :c I think, aside from that and the small mistakes you are probably aware of, I noticed there were like 1-2 flash frames of blur. I had to re-watch a few times, and correct me if I'm wrong, but it seemed like the camera movement plus motion blur. I think, if you're just gonna make the camera movement/transition 1-2 frames, a jump cut would suffice (at least in the dialogue sequences), because to me, it looked like a glitch. Otherwise, maybe make the movement/transition a little more noticeable?

    Victor -- 1 vs many theme is always cool xD Wish you finished! The main two things that bothered me: the water movement was a little distracting and the road had many of the yellow lines too close to each other/could have been slightly more randomized; they are very minor details that wouldn't have taken too much away from the fighting sequence.

    It would've been cool if you both had finished D: But hopefully your guys' next one will be more complete! :raised_hands:
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  3. Runique 目隠し

    Runique 目隠し French MapleAnimator

    Feb 19, 2017
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    Nice soundline part bro !
  4. Neil

    Neil Cyclone

    Jan 23, 2012
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    Was meant to close this yesterday, sorry about that.

    Congrats on your win Min.
    I'll update your profile soon and award your Perfectionist medal as well.
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