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    ⚜Deadline to audition is May 9th.⚜​

    It's that time of year again!!
    Big thanks to asasinsonic for putting this video together for me while I try to put my life together //cries

    I'll assume that you know what the My Movies are but if you don't you can look at the previous 6 for examples:

    How to Apply:
    1.) Get in contact with me (contact info provided further down)
    2.) Ask for audition form. (I went ahead and added the form to this post for your convenience)
    3.) Turn in audition form before May 9th
    4.) May 10th I will tell you if you've been accepted or not and will get an optional discord server invite for My Movie 7.

    On May 10th I will be contacting you directly and tell you if you've been accepted to animate for My Movie 7 or not. If you've been accepted then you will have 2 months to finish your animation.

    Preferred contact: Discord - ❈Ayros#9915
    Secondary Contact: Email- [email protected]

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