Post-Graduation Thoughts

Discussion in 'Life Experiences' started by CCshinobi, Dec 19, 2018.

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    Hey guys!

    Just wanted to get some thoughts off my chest and touch base with y'all on what's been going on with me since I've been lurking on and off this year.

    To sum up what I've been doing (if you care):
    • Graduated from USC's film school in May
    • Landed an internship at a creative agency that produces blockbuster movie trailers/TV commercials
    • Got promoted to freelance junior editor
    • Had some financial problems - hustled both at work and video editing side gigs
    • Died from overworking - went on complete Discord hiatus
    • Got promoted again to staff junior editor, with a full-time salary raise

    TL;DR Version: I worked my ass off and became one of the lucky few to have a stable job doing creative work after graduation. Currently living that full-time employment life and slowly getting back into my hobbies :D

    Here are a few tips and observations I noticed about this thing called 'adulting':
    • Time management is everything. It's REALLY hard meeting friends or people in general outside of work
      (should've dated in college damn it asadfsdsfdx)
    • Internships. Do them.
    • Groceries. Buy them :/
    • Keep your ego in check. People who think they're the shit get chewed up and spat out fast. Do the dirty work if that's what it takes to move up. Nobody cares how talented you are until you pay your dues.
    • You don't have to be your boss' favorite, but make sure he at least respects you.
    • When your colleague occasionally invites you to go out for lunch, you better fucking go out for lunch LOL
    • A lot of my friends who also graduated still don't have jobs. Not everyone is as lucky, so keep working hard and try not to feel too disappointed when shit hits the fan.

    Otherwise, the past few months have been life-changing. It still feels really strange not having any classes to look forward to and knowing that from here on, I'm paying for everything and managing my own time.

    That said, I'm gonna try to be more active here again and break back into my own projects. Sorry for not being around so much this year.

    I feel partially guilty for how the forum is now compared to two years ago, as I wasn't there to encourage all the new members and participate in the cool projects going on. Thank you to my fellow staff members, artists, and animators for sticking around - the fact that we still have active members and new blood in 2018 is seriously amazing. Keep up the great stuff!

    Happy Holidays everyone!
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    Damn! Thanks for sharing your thoughts dude. I'm in my last year of uni, so post grad thoughts are.. never ending honestly hahah. Need to land an internship somewhere before I think about everything else first though :')
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