Really Late Gears of war thread

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    So if youve been following the whole Gears of War series i hope that your favorite or number 1 Gears game is Gears 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 then worse is judgement. Bairds story wasnt so necessary but i guess its important. Now heres the one that will put you to the test. If you played Gears 2 and trained Rookie Benjamin Carmine. He told you he was a brother of 4. With the whole series over now we know maybe all of them. Anthony, Benjamin and Gears 3 Clayton Carmine. If you pay attention to character release for Gears 4 they gave 4th Carmine named Gary Carmine. What are your guys thoughts about Gary Carmine? I thought it was D Carmine.
    4th Carmine dies