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    I'm constantly having problems with the camera. Idk why this keeps happening. I'm sorry. And the reason why it looked like Deoxys moved at random at times was because he was dodging some of Rayquaza's attacks. Sorry about that as well. I was also trying to recreate the ending from the battle against Mega Rayquaza and Deoxys which is why the camera moved weird.

    Original Audio-

    Original Owners- GameFreak, Nintendo, and the Pokemon Company

    The one that made the Deoxys sprite sheet I used- JoshR691

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    Great musicality - the soundtrack matches the visual setting and tone of the scene very well. Some of the direction and camera work at times was solid too.

    However, as you've mentioned yourself, there are problems in the cinematography that result in a lack of spacial geography and characterization. Basically, we have no idea who is where and who is doing what at times. I recommend at least watching the first few minutes of this video to get an idea of how to deal with shot size and spacial composition:

    I don't know the context behind these characters, but I wish you could make their abilities a bit more clear. While some of the ideas and concepts in this seem neat, they're unpolished and lacking in visual effects. Do not use still images for things like energy orbs and blasts - rather, any kind of attack or skill that is using energy should be vibrant and, well...energetic. An inanimate frame of a lightning ball does not suffice. There are plenty of sprites or CGI effects online, especially on websites like and Maplemation's own resources section (which I'm sure you'll unlock in the future if you haven't already).

    My final CnC point is that your editing goes hand to hand with your cinematography and it's really important to fix your pacing and coordination during an action scene. For example, 0:46-0:49 - either stay on the character firing the energy balls then cut to the guy dodging or vice versa. You can cut between the actions to show the rapid fire and dodging maneuvers of both characters too, but don't do it so frequently to the point where viewers cannot see what's going on. A big mistake filmmakers and animators make is feeling the need to cut really fast for the sake of feeling fast, but really you should only be cutting fast enough to match the pacing of the action and time it with the characters actions and reactions in a way that will drive the story and spectacle forward.

    In other words, don't just cut ultra fast while throwing ultra-speed explosions and flashy transitions in your audience's face, making them feel like they're witnessing action - that's called Bayhem. Don't be Michael Bay lol

    Hope you found this helpful. Keep improving man~
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    @CCshinobi Thanks for posting this, I often feel a vast part of why people who seem to understand flash still cant produce the results they wan't is because they don't comprehend cinematography
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