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    Hey everyone! Local Miles here, with a special offer for people who want to be active. I've been feeling rather rich recently; so I'm going to set up shop to give away my money (In a sense) in exchange for MBR points.

    I'd like to introduce you to my shop! It's relatively simple for now, hopefully more products will be included in the future.

    Stipulations for purchasing:
    You must be able to have proof of points. What does that mean exactly? You must be able to Pull up the MBR Thread in which you were awarded the points, anything else will be invalidated.
    -Battles must be finished by both parties, and have effort put into them for it to be valid points.

    The Maplemation Raffle
    The Maplemation Raffle will be a monthly* raffle whose prize will be One free purchase from my shop. *There are a few stipulations on the raffle, which I will go over here:
    -A minimum of 10 people must be in the raffle, for the raffle to be valid. If the raffle does not have 10 people or more people, it will move onto next month.
    -Any purchase in this shop enters you in the raffle; no need to buy tickets!

    The Steam Aisle
    Are you broke as hell, with no games to play and only your tears of boredom to keep you occupied at night? Well worry no more! Here is where you can exchange your MBR points for steam money; where I will buy, and gift you games!

    5pts - 10$ Steam Purchase!
    I will buy any game, or set of games, -including steam marketplace items- of up to 10$ for you, for this deal.

    10pts - 25$ Steam Purchase
    I will buy any game, or set of games, -including steam marketplace items- of up to 25$ for you, for this deal.

    20pts - Whatever the fuck you want.

    Shit my dude, you're actually insane if you get this deal; good fuckin' job. I'll buy you any game you want, $59.99? Done deal, enjoy your Triple A game. Two $19.99 games? Fine by me. If you want to get a $2 game just to prove a point? Go ahead. (If the total comes up to over $65, you can only get one game; I gotta eat too.)
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    U W U
    Since when are you loaded?
  3. xxvictorsoraxx

    Nov 10, 2010
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    I had this idea many times when I had a shit load of cash to spend.
    Then my girlfriend drained me.
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  4. keynan#1namekian

    Aug 1, 2016
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    How do you get into MBR
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  5. Shulkle

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    Jan 7, 2016
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    On a computer
    Create an MBR profile here, follow these guidelines, make sure you actually followed the guidelines and didn't spend less than 1 minute in it, go to an Available person's MBR profile, post on their profile something along these lines, if the opponent accepts, great, contact each other, make sure you both do your part by the due date, and post the finishing thread in arena. Otherwise, find another person.

    marry christmas.
  6. jose117

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    so then i win mbr to get mbr points so those mbr points you buy a game for steam and passe me than game wow
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