SMBR Kaneko vs Seth

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Who wins?

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  1. Kaneko

  2. Seth

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  1. Seth

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    Oct 22, 2015
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  2. Ainn

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    For both of you:
    The shading of both of your sprites, though very different, were both decent to me.
    Bad: You both used pink, so @Tra-La-Tracey is probably gonna FREAK. Also, both of your sprites were symmetrical (which was okay), but didn't play on light sources too much. This caused both of the sprites to have a type of "mirror pasted" look. A different sprite angle would've helped out both of you guys a lot!

    For @Kaneko
    Your choice of palette/color scheme was great to me! The soft shading was also very pleasing to look at, zoomed-in and at a distance. However...
    Ungood: The symmetrical shading really hurt this sprite, and it ended up seeming somewhat pillow shaded. Had the shadows been casted over to one side of the sprite, I think would've loved it. This lack of detail kind of hurt my overall impression. I liked it a lot, but I didn't LOVE it... :'l

    For @Seth5443
    Not Bad:
    To me, the twisted incarnation of that ice cream is actually pretty unsettling for a sprite. The texture on the cone was a great addition. Kudos!
    Bad: The vibrancy and contrast of the pink used was a bit much for me. Somewhere between too much brightness and too much saturation, my eyes didn't adjust well to the difference. Maybe tone it down a little next time?
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  3. Tra-La-Tracey

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    Jan 12, 2011
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    ExCuSe Me??!/!?!/11/!?!12!11 WhY iS uSiNg PINK a BaD tHiNg?!?!?!/!?!?!?!111!?!?222 IT'S A GREAT THING. PUT THE FACT THAT THEY'RE BOTH PINK IN ITS OWN CATEGORY, CALL IT GREAT!!

    OT: I dislike Seth's because it's going to haunt me in my sleep.

    Actually OT: I really like both of these sprites! I could tell that you both put a lot of good effort and thought into them. c: Kaneko, your sprite reminds me of Megaman Battle Network viruses, I could see terrifying tentacle jello in there as a boss ;D Seth, you managed to make even pink ICE CREAM horrifying. Good work, you guys!
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  4. 天下無双

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    Congrats, Seth. Oogity boogity boo. Locking thread.
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