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    (Shading not included.) lel
    Anyways, These are the maps I was planning to use in my ffambr entry. sadly, I only used one of them, and I didn't even finish that part. But I thought that I could at least make them public so anyone else that wanted to use them, so here ya go!

    the hole in the wall is actually transparent (aka no black) just in case you want to do something with it. Otherwise just put a black rectangle behind the wall layer to fill it in again and be done.
    This one actually has some part's that you have to set up in flash, so here's an example of how I would go about doing so using the older version of the map. Ignore the smaller torches, as I didn't include them because they didn't animate well.
    Btw, you can click on the pictures to go download the zip file from my stash. I tried to keep the number of "parts" to the map simple so that way even novice animators can use them. If you want me to make a more complex version, I'll work on it. Hope you guys have fun using it.

    CnC is greatly appreciated, thank you.