Armondew9000 vs Trashbag

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Who won?

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  1. Armondew9000

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  2. Trashbag

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  1. Duh MUNK

    Duh MUNK Animati-

    Dec 29, 2010
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  2. DestinedHope

    DestinedHope Kai Higurashi

    Jan 1, 2015
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    Armondrew: The Start At the VS Screen seemed like a very cool detail,The Bounces although Where a bit dull.The VS image and Name Text seem pixelated for a reason, would've suggest to use normal text.

    But right in the animation, When The Character stops time went great and everything,But just when trashbag's kick is going by doesn't have an ease on the tween or any effect that that slows him down.Lip sync in my opinion You did a nice job there. at the end when Your character stopped time and hits trashbag you could've moved trashbag a bit, EVEN if it stopped time characters should move a bit when hit but that's in my perspective. Keep Improving Armon I know you can do alot better next time fam I believe in you :)

    Trashbag: The Start of the animation was smooth,Great Rigging animation.The only thing i didn't like about the fight was when armon was on the ground and just dashed from the back? was weird for a moment idk even tho it was smooth asf doe.

    My Vote Goes for Trashbag due to longer battle,Smooth Animation and rigging.

    I Hope you two Had fun With your MBR
  3. Ainn

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    Mushroom Kingdom
    In terms of fighting concept, both of you have interesting ideas. I'm going to focus on execution and exclude duration and video editing effects in my reasons for voting. My vote is a result of my brief, first-glance observations. To get a good feel of what I enjoyed more at face-value, I intentionally watched each video once before deciding on what I saw.

    Ratings for @ArmondewNinethousand
    Creativity: The overall scene seems like a recreation of something totally different, audio included. The lack of pose usage kind of hurt this too...
    Choreography: There's a distinct lack of variety. It really seems like Trashbag exploded without explanation considering your character walked past the guy. It would've been more consistent if your character had intentionally attempted to attack THROUGH Trashbag-- then it would've made sense for him to explode.
    Animating Pacing: Referenced or not, the pacing of the rapid-beating seemed to drag on a little longer than I would have hoped for...
    Overall: In terms of my expectations for a new member, this is a 6/10 for me. It's leaning on 6.5/10, but there simply isn't enough content for me to fully reconsider...

    Ratings for @Trashbag
    Creativity: The sword fight used poses I don't think I've ever seen be used, which was downright inspiring. Your animation showed off that there's definitely more than one way to hold sword-like weapons-- other than the obvious. This sequence-- even in simple terms of movement and flow (ignoring placement, attention to detail and other visual elements)-- was actually pleasing to watch all on its own.
    Choreography: I was able to enjoy the effect usage to represent clashes. It really helped to reinforce the idea that they were having a struggle, rather than it appearing to be some kind of jousting show.
    Animating Pacing: The pacing was even, but pretty slow overall. This is decent, because the lack of speed conveyed the movements clearly.
    Overall: In terms of my expectations for Trashbag, I think I give it a solid 7.5/10. I've gotten used to seeing Trashbags animations, and this wasn't drastically different in terms of raw animation (without effects), but I do have to note this: the swordplay was better than what I expected, so I bumped up my rating.

    I voted for Trashbag, but both of you could use benefit from some slightly-longer deadlines.
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  4. DJTiki

    DJTiki Yes

    May 1, 2016
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    Mimiga Island
    As for both parts (don't feel like scrolling through the individual frames as I'm on my phone), I think both of you guys did decently. Not perfect, but alright. Really, I think it's evident that Trashbag took this for a variety of reasons.

    +For starters, I think the idea was sound for using the MUDA rush as the basis of your 1v1. It's minimalistic, but easy to follow.
    +Probably your best animation thus far from what I've seen of you.
    +LOL. That trashcan.
    -On that note, I felt like I was watching an MBR version of Maniac's Jotaro vs. Yu. Not that inspiration is bad, none at all, but if that's all you have to provide for the MBR, then that's pretty bad. Provide some bit of variety in your set up and combos.
    -The fade to black took 9 seconds to get out in the beginning of your video. That's way too long for what really amounts to the 10 second minimum. Felt like a cheap way to meet the time requirement.
    -The audio transition from DIO's line "Za Warudo" to the Time Stop sound effect and visual cue was a little sloppy in execuetion. The pause really took me a back from the experience of watching it.
    -Not sure how I feel about that kick tween when it goes to the Time Stop effect. Looks a bit awkward. Might have done better using a circle mask that truncated the saturation, then made it so that the character would slow to a halt extremely quickly once that mask enlarged to a point where it met him.

    +Like what you did in showing off the scenery first and establishing setting before jumping in the meat. A lot of people tend to just jump in fighting off the bat, and this was a nice little mood change.
    +Your choreo, while nothing too special, was solid. I liked the energy blasts and the rock cracking business paired with the camera tricks you employed with the black solid. (It's just as simple as using black bars to close in on a point of reference which makes all the difference sometimes compared to your opponent)
    +That music and sound was dope and paired wonderfully with the scene.
    +Decent rigging.
    +Dialogue choice, while cheesy, earned you a nice chuckle from me because I have a shitty sense of humor. lol
    -Wasn't too fond of those two tweens where Armondew laying on the ground slid, knocked him over, then elbowed him on the rock. Felt a pretty lazy breakaway for what was mostly alright combat.
    -Those "Hit" static faces for most of the part was kind of weird. I guess that's consistency, but them having the same expression throughout the entire fight was off. You already showcased your rigging skills, I would have liked some facial rigging during the fight. Add that extra dimension.

    Overall, Armondew, I think yours was decent and will give it a 4/10. It just felt uninspired to me and you could have done so much more.

    Trashbag, my real problems with you was just some lack of detail here and there, with occassional lack of consistency when paired with rigging and good combat choreography. I'd give yours, when compared to Armondew, a solid 8/10. Really, both of you are improving at a great rate, so just strive on getting even better because I expect great things.
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  5. Shulkle

    Shulkle Remembered as the worst fight animator

    Jan 7, 2016
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Oh yeah, and there's that Time Stop + Ora Ora + Walk away sequence that's identical.
    DJTiki and Ainn's thoughts about sum up what I thought as well, so they're advice should be followed.
  6. jose117

    jose117 latino animator video game fan

    Dec 24, 2016
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    wow you two do a good job but my vote goes to trasbag
  7. Neil

    Neil "Oops"

    Jan 23, 2012
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    Congrats on your flawless victory, Trashbag.
    I'll update your profile soon.
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