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Who did the thing

  1. Maniac

  2. Aquila

  1. Aquila

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    Aquila Physics™
    Theme: Cooperation
    Time limit: 60 seconds

    Maniac's Animation:

    Excuse me for the wrong translations. For some reason some sprites were missing when I rendered it, but the swf was fine, whatevs. Follow for free lego Bionicle set

    My animation:

    Note: Didn't even get close... Really wasn't feeling it in this one, sorry guys orz.​
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  2. Kayas

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    Damn, this was disappointing. I heard the theme was changed from 1v1 to something else to make this more interesting. But after viewing this, the initial idea might've been best. Neither of you utilised this concept well. I'm all for quality over quantity, but there was barely anything to show off in Aquila's part. I don't think it's worth analysing and critiquing Aquila's part since this isn't all she can do and she clearly slacked off. I'll go onto Maniac's part around the end. I almost don't even feel like voting. Aquila's part looked promising and didn't have the flaws that were present in Maniac's, but it had no merit. It didn't help that I got severe MBR vs Sekka vibes from this. Anyways, back on topic...

    Analysis on Maniac's Part:
    • The turn around transition around here wasn't very good. Too quick with no fluid motion. She could get whiplash!
    • The way the sword was thrown off here just was out of the blue and it didn't really fall with any moments or torque physics.
    • I liked the way you utilised Alicia using the enemies here so it isn't just a flat 2 man mob fight.
    • That's all ruined by the execution of it here...
    • I liked the perspective shot here and in other sequences which I'll go over. But again, the transition issue from the first point.
    • I don't understand why Mizuto did what he did here...
    • Also, this is a general point but I like your usage of facial expressions.
    • Monsters just kind of blink out of nowhere here.
    • The following shot when Mizuto was running, I felt you could've also had Alicia run at the same time. The following combo Mizuto did on those monsters was pretty cool!
    • Alicia's combo and the following perspective shot and the animation was glorious. I liked the touch of the monsters running behind her.
    • Alright, alright. Now where the heck did Mizuto come from here?
    • The ice shard kicking and returning like a tennis match was a nice touch. Could use some ice skidding sounds.
    • Sword kind of disappears here.
    • The ice shuriken that Mizuto flung here was way too fast to notice what happened.
    • Is everyone a magician in your animation?! She just summoned that sword out of nowhere here but looked like she was picking it up!
    • Also, some detail when his arm was sliced like blood flowing out or a meaty flesh depth wound would've helped here.
    • You know the way he fell down in that static post here was just lazy... The way Mizuto jumped in that perspective shot, while cool, lacked any weight and physics.
    So in conclusion...
    + Great combat ideas
    + Like the perspective shots and facial expression animations.
    + The rigging, while subtle, was a nice touch.
    + The combat was cool too if a little short.
    - The execution was poor on those ideas. They had potential.
    - Some ideas which had promise weren't really used to their full potential.
    - The mob fights seemed like monsters spawning and they fight until more monsters spawn rather than them being there at the same time.
    - Finicky issues as mentioned above.
    - Ice abilities weren't really used well either. Just freeze the enemies, and slash. Come on, ice is a lot more interesting than that.
    - Lack of attention to detail.

    Overall, this is just a slugfest MBR. Maniac gets my vote. Not because he tried. Not because he actually did something. But because I think the positives outweighed the negatives. Great work, Maniac! Next time, a longer deadline and a feasible theme might do the trick.
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  3. NobleJuice

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    May 8, 2016
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    Oh shit.

    (Sorry for this being really messy)
    Manic : Gj on trying to keep up with all the perspectives and creative ideas.There were alot of pauses like (0:43/44) But some are executed, quite... yeah.... The second ice block (Minion), was being thrown around very shabby. Most rigs were too stiff (0:10) (0:14) (0:28), (0:36). On the other side, most of the transitions/turns are so fuckign fast. or really choppy (0:26) (0:04)(0:11) (0:05) (0:47-48)
    Aside the evne more obv stuff like non-allinged stuff (0:35). I saw alot of moves being non-sensical like Why did he jump at the block ( 0:17);[​IMG] or just forgot/lazy.
    You also seem to change the physics of the sword alot ( don't shit on me yet). You can clearly see on many places that the sword is heavy (0:05 after the monster dissapears she throws her sword). But then she turns it without a problem.
    There's also quite alot of appear and dissapear + no transitions
    No sword + minions

    yes sword + minions

    Skipping the rest. Overall, you had alot of creative ideas, some were executed worse than others. Most of the cnc i gave is from my first look. I have mixed feelings. The swordplay was pretty bad, most transitions were choppy or fastasshit and alot of parts seemed like unfinished, and some scenes had average quality. But u managed to recompensate with ideas i fucking adore. I honestly wouldn't mind if u cut the video in half, leaving only the creative ideas but polish them more.
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  4. Nameomn

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    Oh good.
    It's pretty when I came back just to see another MBR, Well not so much competition here obviously I'll vote Maniac becasue even the quality is no better but the quantity made up for it. But if you both finished this MBR then I going to have a hard time voting.

    Your animation is really great and full of intensify, But even then I really not a fan when I see the monster getting beat up and not fighting back like they were dummy. And this is one of the case of why would I prefer Aqua's aimation over your animation.

    Not much here for me

    I'm not here to nitpick any flaw for both of animation.
    So let the others do their job.
  5. Craigster

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    One is finished, longer and more entertaining,

    And that's all I have to say.

    Good effort from you two, though I know you both could do better.
  6. sweetheart

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    Chicago Heights, Il
    Maniac: Your part was very well done! I enjoyed the face expressions ,very detailed!!.
    Aquila: Your animation was good but short , and very uninteresting because of the fact it was short.

    So my vote will be going to Maniac
  7. Duo Bios

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    Why you chose to even make a thread for this instead of forfeiting baffles me, but whatever.

    Sorry you didn't get a fair fight, Maniac, but I still gotta hand you that W. Locking thread.
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