[MBR] Blez and Dan V. Andrew and InvaderCalculator

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Who won?

  1. Blez and Dan

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  2. Andrew and Dray

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  1. THEME: 2v2 (Blez and Dan V. Andrew and InvaderCalculator/ Dray)
    [ Blez V. Andrew ]
    [ Dan V. Invader Calculator ]
    Deadline: January 3rd, 2017
    Minimum: 10 seconds

    The reason why Andrew and Blez's anims both include each other but not me and Dray while my anim includes all 4 of us is a misunderstanding on my part. I thought that since it was 2v2 that we were supposed to animate each other all going against the opposers as a team of some sorts. My bad.
    Blez's Anim:
    Blez's Notes: N/A

    Dan's Anim:
    Dan's Notes: First time animating 60fps. So watch in HD for better viewing pleasure or whatever... uh...
    I made a loop because this MBR mostly seemed like a big joke to me. I suggested it to Andrew out of no where and he said yes (which I wasn't counting on) then Blez and Dray joined and it kinda escalated so I just went through with it. lol. I really didn't feel like putting in much work (which is pretty weird of me to put little effort into stuff) but whatever.

    Andrew's Anim: http://www.fastswf.com/aW1anMM
    Notes: I rushed therefore i SUCKED

    Invader Calculator: Disappeared off the face of the earth and we really have no idea what happened to him...
    and he kinda just disappeared without any type of warning so we decided to give him until 12 to respond and he didn't so tough luck.
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  2. DJTiki

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    May 1, 2016
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    Mimiga Island
    gg Invader

    Way to leave your boy hanging like that. Well my choice is pretty clear in my eyes. Dan and Blez took this easy mode with a side of bacon, eggs, and grits.
  3. CCshinobi

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    Aug 7, 2011
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    California, US
    You're getting better Andrew. There's some nice direction and use of visual effects in your fight vs. Blez, though some of the ideas execution felt incomplete and sluggish. Definitely try to work on pacing and sound a bit more, since the quality of your sound effects and physics are not quite up to par yet. There's a lot of rad stuff in the resource section you may find useful, as well as my recent holiday giveaway pack for basic movement and combat effects such as whooshes, sword clashes, punches, etc.

    Dat smash and swinging sound impact was pretty sick Blez.
    Not much needs to be said for Blez and Dan. Both of your animations were understandably quite simple. And brutal xD
    Especially Dan's with Taki just sitting there like an overlord watching two kids get tossed & hammered out of pure amusement #SavageAF

    Well, not the best work we've seen from you guys, but the effort and improvement in quality is there. Though it's pretty unfortunate and disadvantageous to have one on the other team completely MIA. Oh well :/
  4. Miles

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    Jan 11, 2010
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    Good work boys! ..or well, Dan and Blez. Fantastic work, you're bringing pride to the boys back at Omen!

    My condolences for Andrew on his partner ditching out on him; that blows.. but Dan and Blez still get my vote.
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  5. NobleJuice

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    May 8, 2016
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    Dans' anim reminds me of Shulks' first mbrs.
  6. Blez

    Blez UH WHOOPS??

    Apr 12, 2014
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  7. Just wanna say this to @qazawsxs2

    Your animations have improved a crap ton since my very first MBR against you back in 2013.
    Don't be discouraged because Dray disappeared on you like Houdini or something and now you're losing the MBR.
    Just think of all of this as a learning experience.

    My CNC for you is to take away some of the frames on movements. It still looks like you're animating at around 20 fps.
    Also, if you're going to have so many frames, try to utilize them to make your movements smoother.
    The sword play between blez and andrew looked very lack luster in both visuals and animation quality. Maybe add some after images or better hit FX.
    Your ideas are there, but you need better execution.
    That thing where blez shot a fireball at your character and he twisted it on his scythe and threw it back like a fireball scythe thing? That was cool.
    But your presentation took away from how stunning it could have been.
    Your choice on sound FX could have been a bit better as well and be sure to export your swf with higher sound quality so that the sounds don't crackle like a vacuum cleaner once it sucks up a bunch of tiny objects all at once.
    Also your ending was pretty... eh.
    I understand that you said you were losing motivation, but it's best to try to push through regardless.

    Good effort from you, man! keep it up!​
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  8. Shulkle

    Shulkle Remembered as the worst fight animator

    Jan 7, 2016
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    :thinking: His physics and movements are a crapton better than mine, nah.

    Anywho, vote is pretty obvious, great job Blez n Dan.

    @qazawsxs2 I feel like this would probably solve your whole "bad sound fx"
    In Flash, you can go to your Publish Settings and adjust your Audio Stream and Audio Event.

    You should set them to 160 kbps bitrate, Best quality, and uncheck Convert Stereo to Mono

    Here's a gif to show the process

    Doing this will vastly improve your audio quality.
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  9. Neil

    Neil "Oops"

    Jan 23, 2012
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    I can't really vote since I didn't like any of the animations.

    Dan is still doing the same over resizing and the physics are just...ugh. I can see you toned it down with the resizing but it's still too much. Trying to show an in-between like that doesn't work very well with maple, it just looks really ugly.
    And shaking your character up and down to show impact and for landing looks pretty bad, I can understand resizing, but please don't do that again.
    Also stop this.

    Blez, I can't stand this animation, everything you do just feels so sluggish. I won't even bother commenting on this funny maymay.
    Another thing is the scene transition to outside of the cave. I didn't understand it at all, there was no mountain or anything and some random rocks just kinda...exploded. Don't even get me started on your camera shake, it looked like you didn't even try with that, especially in this shot.

    Andrew, you have too many frames in your tweens and it almost looks like you didn't even ease your jumps and...why didn't you bother trying to have your poses transition smoother? It looks like you just did this with some of your animation.
    Ow, my ears btw.

    ...Not to be rude, but why did he turn this in at all?
    I think everybody would have been completely fine if hadn't posted his animation at all, considering it's only 6 seconds and there's not even a background.
  10. Kvn11

    Kvn11 Guest

    Ayy Dan with the re-sprited spritesheet :D (once again sorry for making custom poses for secret santa when you were in the middle of re-shading your oc)

    As for Andrew, it's a shame Dray bailed out on you :C I liked your ideas and thought with some polishing, you might have gone toe to toe with Dan & Blez.

    If only you fixed stuff like this:
    derp :L

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  11. Blez

    Blez UH WHOOPS??

    Apr 12, 2014
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    Somehow it does feels weird to animate this anim even though i hate it . But you probably know that this is not my best work . Thanks for the cnc tho. (Y)
  12. yo so... we win, right?
  13. Aquila

    Aquila "Sword, Zeal and Sex Appeal"
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    Jun 4, 2014
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    Aquila Physics™
    Correct! Sorry it's late.

    Good job to everyone who completed something. Next time link your profiles in the OP yeah?
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