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Who wins?

  1. Miles

  2. Wolferian

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  1. Miles

    Animation Team

    Jan 11, 2010
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    Theme: Berserk - Your opponent has pissed you off to the breaking point! Go crazy!
    Due date: Pushed to the 23rd via extensions.

    My animation:

    My notes:
    Due to some IRL complications including school, & work, I ended up getting FAR less done than I anticipated I could fit in; and now I'm sorta paying the price. Oh well, reap what ya' sow, right?

    Wolferian's Animation:

    Wolferian's Notes:
    1)I know the parry didn't have any camera shake, I forgot to move the frames back last minute and it was like 2.A.M so I was done with life at that point. 2) why is it so fast paced without any story? Because I figured with a theme like go berzerk I didn't need a story. plus my character gets pissed by being provoked. Getting hit with a mop is pretty provoking if I do say so. and 3) I'm glad I got to MBR miles, and maybe in the future after I improve we can rematch. Overall I had fun making this animation
  2. Thewindyfan

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    Aug 17, 2013
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    drowning in college work
    Jeez Miles, I luh you. Keep improving babe

    Going with Miles on this one, will vote once I wake up and provide CnC for each submission.
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  3. Seth

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    Oct 22, 2015
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    Jesus christ Wolferian, You sure improved! And a lot! I didn't even recognize your animation for a while there. Great job bud! You sure put actual effort in this animation, so my opinion of you as an animator had already gone up a notch. You still have problems with some of the pacing and the physics, but you will eventually get there.

    Sadly, my vote goes to Miles due to him just being better. Don't get discouraged though, you will probably get my vote next time :^)
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  4. Kayas

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    Dec 2, 2014
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    I can finally achieve my big 100 (fuck you Neil). And what better way than to do it while being me and giving that good ass cnc haha.

    Aside from a timeline hic-up, your strengths lie in dialogue and comedic timing. You make them expressive and definitely have a knack for it. It all falls flat when it comes to combat - the sound design and camera work - something that should enhance your animation, was the bare minimum and just took away from it. The raw animation itself was boring with less than 10 exchanges in total. So it made it disappointing for me.

    Overall it's weak. While Miles had the comedy holding it up, this was all combat (as you stated yourself) and the combat was weak. The raw animation was decent. I didn't think it was particularly outstanding or bad. It makes the cut. Everything around it brings it down. There's no impact in the animation, therefore, the camera and sounds also fail to capture it on top of those two things being boring. This wasn't fast-paced. It was incomprehensibly fast. You wanna make sure that in the future it's understandable to the viewer and not just the animator.

    Miles you failed to meet the theme and giving me that berserk rage because it just ended and the combat wasn't executed well. While the intro was well-executed, it didn't relate to the theme at all and had its own shortcomings pulling it down. Wolferian, while you met the theme (kind of) - the execution didn't hold it up unfortunately. Hopefully, you both take my criticisms into account moving forward. So with all that being said, I think I'll hold off on my vote.
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  5. Tra-La-Tracey

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    Jan 12, 2011
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    *wakes up* Another MBR! :3c

    Miles, your storytelling along with the many, mini details you include are always enjoyable. Always!! I think you definitely had a great start to achieve the theme when the anger was building and the screen was getting redder. Would've loved to see your character go more ham compared to his usual, composed/cool attitude. I didn't notice any awfully glaring mistakes at first glance, except for the jump cut from the shot of you to Graceme training. I personally felt like the insert scene with Graceme training wasn't as necessary, and the time and effort to animate it could've been added more to the actual fight. Regardless, what is there of the entire animation was still fun to watch!

    Wolf, I agree with what Sooth said, you really improved from your last animation! The main thing that stood out to me were some of the logic/decisions made by some of the characters. For example, at 0:14, your character runs past Miles and Miles is just still chilling. In my opinion, I thought it was a little awkward that Miles just let you run past him so you can kick him from behind. It was good you were trying to keep the continuity of having your character enter from the same side he exited (which you didn't really keep when your character was pushed to the right at 0:33 and landed from the top when we see him next OTL), but I think it could've been executed better, like your character could've dashed/ran super fast, catching him off guard. Also, what was the string thing that grabbed the statue that smushed Miles? .-. At least you finished your animation and it felt complete this time! c:

    Keep it up, you two!
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  6. Lykern

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    Aug 26, 2013
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    I like the story telling to the straight up bash.
    Miles, I like the way you present the whole animation, everything flows. nice, short and smooth. :D

    Wolferian, amazed by the major improvement there. Everything's also more there, together, organized. Though u said [you didn't need a story] sure.. nothing wrong there. But would have voted for you if there was that element there like 5 seconds of miles teasing/taunting Wolf before getting into the bash. Having a more human reaction of both persons because of the action. Actually you had it but it took a few more rewatch till I saw it. The logic just took a while to sink in. Not obvious enough sadly.

    Voting for miles. The animation as a whole won my vote.
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  7. Nuuwah

    Nuuwah ded.

    Dec 19, 2015
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    ight so for my sake i think miles was much more angrier at this point like so since miles respected the theme more than wolferian my vote gonna go for
    some things i didn't like for Miles
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] why he's blood got bashed away??
    i really can't say more you are better than me at animating.
    Wolferian :

    Wolferian yo OC looked like he was just neutral about and that's why you didn't respected the theme
    also when miles walked with a rigged emote it was weird ( https://imgur.com/HZIYuUD that part )

    so yeah vote goes to Miles i ain't got much to say since everybody said it all
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  8. Epicness182

    Epicness182 Hi, I'm here.

    Jul 26, 2012
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    Nice job with the MBR.
    So first, I liked both entries I feel they were animated pretty well and good job on improvements Wolf.

    As for my vote its going to Miles. Although the hype was real, it was abit of a flop towards the end.
    What really takes the cake though is the story.

    Comparing the parts and characters, I actually had some sympathy for Miles.
    >Hardworking guy, just wants to enjoy his day off, puts his phone on silent, no ones gonna bother him

    but on the other hand
    >Guy gets hit with the Mop, %100 rage.
    I know in your notes it says your character gets pissed when provoked but I don't know your character and the execution on berserk mode was a bit eh.

    To me what made Miles slightly better was the fact that it was relateable and even if you didn't know his character you understood why he was going berserk.

    Vote to Miles.

    Wolferian, keep up the improvements and my best advice would be to add a little bit of a background story in future MBRS.
    Mainly because that line between "I want action" and "I want story" tends to flip flop quite abit with people.
  9. Joshua

    Joshua Guest

    I'm not one to give any constructive criticism to an animation, but for the sake of this MBR (and trying to help Miles and Warren improve) I'll do it here.

    This bit won't really make a difference, but what I like about your entry was the story. It had a good build up to the action that kept me entertained for a bit, but a nitpick I have personally is that your subtitles go a little too fast. Specifically from 0:05 to 0:12. I had to pause the video to read them because they went away before I could finish reading. Your fight sequence with Warren has some pros and cons to it. The choreography itself looked great. The subtle full body rigs, and effects were good. However, the impact to your hits aren't well sold. I say that for 2 reasons. Reason 1 is your sound design. Your hit sounds you're using are too soft and they don't seem to have enough of a POW to it. You're probably doing this already, but one thing I recommend is to have whooshes before every hit to make it look like your character is swinging his/her attack hard. I could be wrong on this, but another thing I noticed is that your hit sounds are Street Fighter X Tekken hit sounds. This is a personal preference, but those sound way to weak to enhance your hits. Reason 2 is your camera movement. It only shakes twice throughout the fight. The rest of the time it's panning left. You're gonna need to work on having camera shake for your hits because that's important for enhancing your impacts. Also, I know you had some outside complications that held you back, but I'm still a bit disappointed that your part isn't finished.

    I liked your full body rigs and fight sequence a tad more than Miles, but there are still pros and cons that you need to know about. For starters, your sound design was all over the place. Your hits ranged from being too soft to incredibly loud. It seems like you have multiple sets of hit sounds from other sound kits. What I believe you should do is stick to one set of hit sounds for the fight instead of switching between sounds that are contradictory (that is the best way I could honestly put it). You camera movement is better than Miles', but it isn't that diverse at all. It only zooms in or out to capture something bigger in the stage, stay at one shot throughout the fight, and be stationary when either nothing is happening or when characters are getting ready to attack again and when they're standing, recovering, powering up, and when they're walking around. One thing I recommend you (and frankly Miles) should do with your camera is follow the action. When someone punches right, have the cam pan right and when they pull their fist back have the cam pan left (where the fist is retreating). If someone kicks up, have the cam pan up. Things like that will make your animations have a better flow to it instead of having a stop and go mechanic to it. While your part was finished, the ending looked anti climatic. I sure you could have ended it off with something else instead of having Miles just lie down while he was squashed by a statue... or monument (I really don't know what that's is).

    I'll vote for Warren on this one. His part had less problems and nitpicks than Miles', but if I can credit Miles for one thing, it's his sounds. They're soft and not as impacting as they could have been, but they were more consistent than Warren's. I think you guys should MBR again sometime in the future because it looks like you have similar skill levels. Either way, keep improving!
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  10. Neil

    Neil "Oops"

    Jan 23, 2012
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    Congrats on your win, Miles.
    Make sure you link your MBR profiles next time.
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