MBR Prozak VS Blez

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Who will win?

  1. Prozak

    7 vote(s)
  2. Blez

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  1. Blez

    Blez UH WHOOPS??

    Apr 12, 2014
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    MBR -
    Theme: Freestyle
    Time Limit: Minimum 15 seconds
    Deadline: September 21st, 2018 (3 weeks after accepting) + extension 1 week to 28 sep
    Restrictions: None

    Profile : http://maplemation.com/threads/isaacs-mbr-profile.30081/
    Notes : -
    Animation :

    Profile : http://maplemation.com/threads/blez-mbr-profile.30031/
    Notes : meh.. no more speedlines HAHAHhaaa. My main focus is mostly choreography. figured that my ideas are lacking too. especially with weird vcaming and sounds
    Animation :

    CNC/Opinions are always open for both of us. I'd like to know why do you vote Blez or Prozak.
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  2. PsychoJolteon2

    PsychoJolteon2 "I am your worst nightmare...''

    Mar 11, 2012
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    Man y'all should learn to use some damn camera shakes lmao.

    Im voting for Blez on this one, the fight looks a lil more appaeling to me idk.

  3. Taki

    Taki Delete me
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    Jan 10, 2010
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    I vote for blez because she used my guns c:
    just kidding.

    I didn't like the overall mood prozak created, it was hard to watch. Her boyfriend gets beheaded in front of her and her immediate reaction is to fight, no shock, no worries that she is facing an invisible enemy, it's as if she was waiting for someone to kill her bf already just so she can fight. The music was unfitting too and pacing was sloppy.
    There is also the issue that you started by trying to make a reason for conflict, but then all these random characters appear from nowhere for no reason.

    Blez also has room for improvement on some parts, but her animation was overall better thought out and consistent. The part where she nodded to her friend to shoot bothered me, her friend could tag along on her own and shoot while the other dude is open and while the other chick is defending and not while the dude has his defense up. I know it's hard to pull off having a third party join the action without breaking the pace, but that's something i want to see more in animations and i'm glad i've seen attempts from both of you.
  4. Digital

    Digital Corpse

    Apr 21, 2013
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    Y'all both TRASH, im joking
    Lemme start with blez,
    I wanna say your pacing has gotten exponentially better, but there wasn't exactly alot to examine so there's much to be desired. And i honestly thought it was gonna be a mob bash, but i guess it was just a display of strength? Then some masked stranger tries to kill her for some unmentioned reason.. what I'm trying to say is that it was random but not unexpected. And then here you come as a hero protecting a stranger from getting hurt... Uhhh
    You did alright for the most part i enjoyed the effort you put into it but sadly i just had a higher expectation.

    Now for Isaac...
    Jesus, you walking corpse you still animate?
    There was so many pauses that it kinda aggravated me but that's besides the point.. you had some story albeit LAME,
    jk. I find it interesting that every animation you make has a brand new character... And i thought i made alot.
    As far as fighting goes i guess you're better but i like blez's pacing is even though it was kind of all over the place...
    It's a tough decision but Im voting for Isaac.
    Blez you did a great job but i wasn't really feeling it.
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  5. SleepyTrystin

    SleepyTrystin Crappy Kirby animator

    Jun 25, 2016
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    Me: Lets see whats goin on *opens discord* NANI AN MBR *Jojo pillarman theme starts playing* W-W-What is this power?!

    vote goes to blez.

    -I'll add stuff after work
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  6. My vote is for blez and here's why:

    I agree with what Taki said when Blez was just waiting for a reason to fight. (I guess Jeremy getting beheaded is meme or something?) I feel like your ideas are all over the place when it comes to the actual fight ( I personally don't like the idea of random people coming in and just going in on whoever he/she is fighting I know it's a free for all but that's just my pet peeve). Camera was a big thing for me it seems very lazy to me (along with little to no cam shake) The camera doesn't have to be so zoomed out all the time, bring that sucker in and focus on the fight. Why have the extra space if you're not gonna use it somehow?

    Blez: Ehhhh Not much for me to really go off of except the chick with the guns. Just kinda random how Issac wants to kill her for no reason and what not.The impact from the lazer shot seemed a but underwhelming to me compared to her charging up for it. Pacing has gotten better along with the rigs.
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  7. Neil

    Neil "Oops"

    Jan 23, 2012
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    Congrats on your win Blez.
    I'll update your profiles soon.
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