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Who wins?

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  1. JTLW4

  2. Dylan

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  1. Joshua

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  2. BlackMegaman

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    Jul 7, 2017
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    Damn dat was good
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  3. PositiveVibesJoe

    Apr 7, 2017
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    You both did an amazing job on your parts but I give Dylan my vote. I liked the background and the effects you used JTLW4 but that ending was kinda boring lol. Thought you would've ended it with something more but nonetheless it was still pretty good. Dylan, I liked the conversation you let them have at the beginning to build up to the fight with Chun-Li Vs Morrgan. Also, the combos were lit and I'd say Morrgan is gonna need some Advil after that impact with the wall at the end lol.

    Both of you keep improving and reach that PLUS ULTRAAAAAA level :badass::came::lelel::lel:
  4. DJTiki

    DJTiki Yes

    May 1, 2016
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    Mimiga Island


    To be blunt, Dylan had this down solid. Not solid solid, but solid enough to beat JT. I didn't particulary like the sound design in either and I was more than prepared to give JT my vote because I felt Dylan's combis, while clean, were rehashed and a bit uninsipred (you used the same composition of the camera for Cammy's combo twice).

    However, JT, your sound design was pretty bad, no offense, of course. They ranged from being not only repetitive (I counted 8 uses of the that slash sound effect) but pretty loud at times. Everything that connected sounded as if it was a kill swing and guts splatter. There were some weird physics stuff for instance when Link was hit up, stayed in the air for a good second without any descending to Ichigo hitting it. Felt a bit choppy. On the other hand, I think the ideas and choreo minus the animation hiccups would have been AWESOME! Just need that extra bit of flare and originality. I mean, you're working with Link and Ichigo. You can do a ton with them.

    Dylan, you had most of the same problems JT had, but I think the animation hiccups were far less plus the combos flowed despite how unoriginal I may feel they be. I think just clean up your sound, make you text more readable and this is a solid oiece without my inputs on what's creative, because let's be honest... don't know much. Vote goes to Dylan, but you did a good job JT. Keep improving.

  5. Seth

    Seth Proxy

    Oct 22, 2015
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    Wow, probably the most tied MBR i've seen (judging from the votes).

    JLTW4's Animation looked pretty fast-paced, clean, smooth and all, but you can see it's actually pretty weird at slow speed, still, it looks fine at 100% speed.
    However, the best animations usually look fine at both slow and normal speed. Also, as for your sounds, they're a bit loud and repetitive just as DJTiki said. (Pretty much what i still do). What you definitely did better than Dylan is the background; the maps. They're much more pleasing to the eye, with objects such as grass and moving trees in the background, while Dylan, it felt more like their characters were in a big wooden box. Your ending is a bit rushed too, JLTW4. You could have atleast ended it with some sort of supermove.

    As for Dylan, i think you had a better usage of sprites, and managed to mimic Mugen's hit animations pretty well too, but your background is pretty boring. I know they're training and usually a Dojo is good for that, but you could've atleast added some windows with masked backgrounds, some furnuiture and some lighting.
    Also, your text was a bit hard to read, i reccomend adding some glow to them. They also were a bit too fast for me to read them. However, your use of the camera is pretty good, it's probably what i liked the most in your animation. To be honest, you're both pretty equal in skill... I wanted to vote for Dylan, but god, your music annoys me, plus, as i said before, JLTW4's Animation had a much more enjoyable background. So in the end, my vote goes for JLTW4, By little.
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  6. NatsuME007

    NatsuME007 Eat yor chair

    Mar 19, 2017
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    Bikini Bottom.
    I must say, both of y'all are equally matched. None of them were interesting. Alright?

    However, JTLW4. Yo, your part was not bad. It's not terrible, it's not the best but it's pretty decent! I respect that but, the sound effects are just a little bit off. Like the part one of them just doing the combo at each other. Maybe have another sound effect besides the blood slashing effect, also towards the end of your MBR. Either you were lazy or you were rushing to complete this on yo due date. Just a couple of errors I must need to remind you:

    1. The beginning, what did the announcer say? It sounded it like another meme thing.

    2. The sound effect and the effect is looking weird.

    3. At the end like I said, it looked like it was rushed.

    Your movements look great, I checked out your channel. It's not THAT good. Until now, I can tell you improved. Keep it up man! I can tell you worked hard on this!
    Dylan, Rick. Bro, I'd like to say. Yours wasn't interesting as JTLW4. It's not bad, it's not fantastic. Not just because I hate you but your animation is irrelevent in various ways. One of them is:

    1. Your story: Ryu coming in with his partner with the sandbag. It's weird. Also identifying who is gonna come by and train his partner is bad. She coming in out of nowhere is unacceptable. Why not say hi or a introduction between Ryu's partner and Ryu at the same time?

    2. Your subtitles: I'm not triggered, I'm disappointed. Maybe have your text at the bottom. It would be kinda annoying for us to look at the text or the subtitle where ever. I don't care if you make your text on the top or bottom, fuck if it's upside down HA! Whatever! It has to look professional when it comes to the subtitles.

    Example A: I knew when this came up, the subtitles was gonna be off. This triggered me, I didn't even see what it said since the subtitles was damn fast. Some stupid easter egg shit


    Example B: I told you that this was bothering me. Now I'm not gay but this looks like a booty. Ryu's booty, you said it was a sandbag if I'm right. Now if it was a sandbag, make it sway or move side to side a bit so then the audience knows that Ryu is not doing Filipino squats. (I changed my mind, this part was the one that triggered me. Including the text.)


    Example C: You either lost motivation or gon lazy because why did you make Chun-Lee use the move two times? I doesn't make any sense.



    Example D: I don't even know why this is a example, you should know but PUMPKIN HILL?? I know for a fact about 4 or 3 people have told you to change the music. I know you like it but it doesn't fit. Sorry.

    But I DO like your part Rick, I like both of y'all. However, Hyper Dog dude (JTLW4) has better combos and MUSIC. The endings were both decent (kinda bad) it was hard for me to decide who gets it. I was hoping it would be a tie because both of you guys are equally skilled. I request to see a rematch for both of y'all!
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  7. Alexbomb2233

    Alexbomb2233 The Purple Nigga

    Jan 14, 2015
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    New York
    although both people did a good job making the animation but my vote will go to Dylan's it has better cinematics JTLW4 also interests me but it uses a basic maplestory map (I just make my own if possible)
  8. Neil

    Neil "Oops"

    Jan 23, 2012
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    Congrats on your win JTLW4.
    I'll update your profile soon.
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