MBR VS Kazuke

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Who won

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  1. BlackMegaman

  2. Kazuke

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  1. BlackMegaman

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    Jul 7, 2017
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    Animator's note:note to self don't rush~ BlackMegaman
    Animator's note:well i have to say when i started this i was weird by the matchup i was doing but that didn't really matter but what did was how i could try i also tryed a wiggle camera for more effects or something and it was hell ~Kazuke

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  2. Fahyda

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    May 3, 2017
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    ok im sorry to say this but blackmegaman's animation was so much better. Ill admit both of them have problems but as said earlier blackmegaman did better

    anyway ill do a pros nd cons thing like I did with the last mbr I commented on.
    First lets start with Blackmegaman with his pro:
    the combos were decent and enjoyable to watch.

    Now the con, tho this can go to both of you, its less annoying for black megaman tho (don't worry theres another con for both of ya individually)
    Both of you seemed to have the Acton happen mainly on one side, as ive said many times before hand to you megaman, your main focus should happen on the center of the vcam not off to the side, so its recommended that the vcam moves to between both of the fighters when they fight unless one fighter is doing a special move.

    Now onto the con I saw with blackmegaman:
    the way you ended your part was kinda anti climatic. at that point the best way to end it would of been some sort of cool effect to make it look awesome for the finishing blow.

    Now my pro for Kazuke:
    I will say the vcam shake is kinda better, there's not really much else I can say about it

    the actions on your part were way too stiff and need at least a bit more smoothness to them, to me it just felt like you put little to no effort into it apart from of course vcam shake
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