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Who's the winner

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  1. SunGod

  2. Shinn

  1. SunGod

    SunGod A Virus

    Aug 20, 2016
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  2. sweetheart

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    Feb 20, 2017
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    Chicago Heights, Il
    Light: Well done on your animation- Good ending aswell! <3 <3
    Shinn: Yours was okay, but not my cup of tea.
    so my vote goes to SunGod <3
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  3. Alex303

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    Aug 28, 2016
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    Alright lets get right into it this is my first time actually giving feedback so dont kill me

    Light- alright light I really liked the rigging you used and the menacing. I liked the references you use in your animation dude

    - The glitching now here me out. On some parts in your animation your character glitches it
    its kind of hard to tell when your character is using his power. It some times looks like your character
    is just jumping from place and it looks a little weird. I feel like that could have been a little more clear
    you could have added a glow effect or something to help it to pop out.

    Combat -
    The combat was a little hard to flow at some points and i didn't really feel impact with the hits.
    If you added more camera shake it would really help your combat. Also when miles grabs
    your character it was really hard to notice. i know stands don't have to show their whole body
    but showing the rest of the body would really help.

    Also [​IMG][/IMG]

    Shin- Yo i really enjoyed your combat during your fight. your rigging was really good and i loved that neck
    crack at the beginning. I have less to Cnc about in terms of animation.

    Problems - Not really many problems in terms of animation. Something I felt you could have
    get done was getting more creative with you stands. theirs nothing bad with a heavy hitter stand
    but I would have loved if their was more too it. Like some ability that you could show off.

    Combat - I really liked your combat compared to lights. I like the camera shaking and everything
    used in your animation. I feel like the combat could have been more creative like i stated before.

    All right all right when it comes done to it I have to vote for light he was
    more creative in the use of his stand powers. In terms of combat shinn was better. In terms of
    creativity Lights animation takes the cake. Over i honestly enjoyed both animations
    for different reasons even though that sounds kind of weird. SO to end it both of you
    should stand proud my Boi's [​IMG]
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  4. Neil

    Neil "Oops"

    Jan 23, 2012
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    I'll start with your sound design since it was so distracting.
    I will never understand why people continue to use MegaPunch and MegaKick and not combine them with something else, same with Ultra4.wav, that shit is annoying. Not only that, but you used Ultra4 for an explosion, which probably wouldn't be that bad if you had an actual explosion sound over it, but it was literally just Ultra4 and the Dio scream. (also "The World.wav" played like 3 different times and it only really worked the first time.)

    At random points, your character will just vanish and I know you're trying to do the whole glitch thing, but it happens a little too fast for anybody to notice it, I had to pause it the second time around to realise that the sprite was completely distorted for 1 frame and even then, the glitching just seems completely random, it almost seems like it was there just in case anybody forgot that you're supposed to be a virus(?) which is honestly annoying as hell. ( This just seems lazy to me, you could have tried to have part of his body alpha instead of just cutting it off completely which isn't that hard, there's a tutorial floating around on some stick forum and you probably would have known that if you at least looked around. ( I don't get it. What happened here? Am I just missing something?? ( Why did you pick him up only to just lightly place him on the ground? What was the point?

    The only other thing I can say is how much I hate how the characters will rotate every single time they do something, that's not how it works. It's like you're trying to avoid skewing.

    I'm sure a lot of people won't really care about mistranslated voice clips, but next time you do something like this, please find an accurate one, he straight up said "Killer Queen" not "Stand".

    Moving on, I don't really care for your sound design either, it's like both you and SunGod decided to use that generic stickpage soundkit and call it a day (Yeah I know every sound you used wasn't from that soundkit, but a majority of them are) a lot of the fire sounds like it's burning wood or something, when it's clearly not. I don't really mind the SFxTK sounds you used, but I kinda wish you put something else over them rather than keeping them as is. Also that finisher at 0:50 was so quiet, you could have double layered it or turned it up in Audacity or something, it wouldn't have taken that long.

    Now, I've noticed a trend in your animations, whenever you rig your character, it's always in the standing pose with both the stand1_0 arms on opposite sides which is pretty...blah, I don't really like it at all and I'm sure you could have thought of a more interesting pose to put him in. ( The camera shake here was pretty weird, it didn't really ease into shaking that much, it just started there, not only that, but SunGod is just there in the stab pose, there's not really much of a charging effect either so it's hard to tell what's happening and literally right after all that is done, there's no camera shake at all for the fire blast being shot, it just zooms out. That's another thing I don't like, this animation could have been shorter if you took out all the unnecessarily long shots, it just seems like you wanted to add on more time to your animation. ( Another problem I have is the combat, I get that they're stands and everything, but that's a little too floaty if you ask me, it just doesn't seem right at all. ( Why wasn't Secondo visible here, you could have shown him flying up or something and for an explosion, that's some weak camera shake. The finisher, now, I know I commented on the sound design earlier, but I hate the repeating hit sound, it just sounds like a lot of slaps rather than punches, not only is the sound bad, but the camera is just still the entire time, I would imagine with how hard he's hitting him, the camera would be shaking like crazy (you're hitting him enough to shake the tree there's no way there wouldn't be some camera shake) ( I shouldn't have to explain why this is bad. I'm sure you'll figure it out.

    Not voting at all.
    Don't like either of the animations, they both have way too many issues that I can't even go over in one post.
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  5. KingIke75

    KingIke75 KingIke75

    Mar 16, 2016
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    United States
    "Time Limit: 20 secs"
    SunGod: over a minute
    Shinn: over a minute
    Neither of you did 20secs lol,
    I won't stand for this.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    SunGod's animation was very smooth and rigs are on point. It also had alot more fighting and really gave a jojo feel. It seemed like alot of effort where put into it and is just more enjoyable, though the sound design was kinda iffy and where minor flaws here and there but overall had the better animation imo

    Shinn's animation was good, but not good enough for my vote because it seemed somewhat bland. Your camera angles are good and I like the punch you did at the end and seemed pretty cool. There where points that felt just too slow to me, and it feels like there wasn't enough effort put into this. Its just not enough, and that run sound really wasn't good.

    But anyways, my vote has gotta go to SunGod
    Good luck on future MBRs mi amigos~
  6. Epicness182

    Epicness182 Hi, I'm here.

    Jul 26, 2012
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    Voted for SunGod, although it has mistakes, I enjoyed the fight and effects plus other MBR reference.
  7. Drew

    Sprite Team

    Aug 4, 2014
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    Wherever the wind takes me.
    (Little Disclaimer: I've never watched Jojo before, so forgive me if I happen to get any of my facts wrong)

    SunGod: I can safely say it's a pretty big step forward from your battle with Ike.Your combat and execution has really stepped up since then. Your perspectives weren't half bad either. I especially enjoyed that sword dodging/leaping sequence at around 3/4 into the animation. However, there were a number of places that you did drop the ball. And a good number of them have been named off already prior to this post. And also because, honestly, it's quite difficult to screencap and point out flaws if it's only viewable via SWF where there's no pause button. A word of advice: you'd most likely receive stronger critique of a higher quantity if it were uploaded to YouTube instead. But anyway, back to the main flaws: One of them is kind of minor, but
    That fall was really light. I'd have added a dust effect underneath, and maybe not make him take off so abruptly. Not only that, if you look closely, he's in a kneeling/crouching pose even while moving forward as he leaps. Whether or not you have a "dash-like" custom pose, honestly even "swingOF_2" would suffice. Even I use it too as sort of a "dashing" replacement if I don't have a custom for it. Mainly though, your character needs more weight and impact upon landing and dashing. What you have there kind of looked like he was attached to a balloon blowing in some strong wind as he lightly scraped the ground moving forward. It's an easy fix though, so no worries (y).
    And now here's something in need of serious assessment:
    I'll begin by saying that the style of the skull does not mix with the style of Maple at all. Fortunately, I have a solution for you. And whoever sees this, and plans on executing something of resemblance to this scenario, you're welcome: There's more though; when your character lands on his head, it literally sounded like someone stepping on egg shells. Whether or not you may have a limited sound effects pack, there could have been more impactful sounds you could've used, or even combined it with that sound you used. To me it seemed kind of like a missed opportunity to deliver a powerful finish.
    So overall, this animation was kind of a mixed bag for me. The areas you succeeded in, you pulled off really well. Keep going down that path, and maybe, just maybe, you'll pull off another BIG leap in improvement like you did here. The problems I point out, and critique I give, is solely said in hopes of you becoming a better animator. You're already relatively on the right track, so keep at it, dude!

    Shinn: In my honest opinion, this animation was not bad by any means, but it was kind of a step back for you. Your rigs and flow haven't faltered, and were delivered pretty nicely overall. Your shot at different perspectives looked pretty nice as well. But during the first one of those perspective shots, I gotta say, I'm not too fond of how it looks after it breaks
    To add more realism to that, you should have it as it's own Symbol, and inside it, have another layer underneath it, and draw in the back of it to make it look like part of the inside of the rock is showing from where it's broken off. If I'm not making sense, what you should do is kind of like what Derek did here:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    That way it won't look like it was cut out with scissors.
    And one more thing. From 0:46 till the end, that combo looked pretty sweet, but I'm not sure if your character being in the air the entire time from there till the end of the animation makes much sense. I know it's an air combo, but the way you portrayed it was pretty much the same way it would look if he were standing on solid ground the whole time. And honestly... at that rate, he might as well have been on the ground during that combo. The way you animated it made it look just like that, and it would have made more sense than to have him in the air indefinitely.
    Like I said though, it came out pretty neat overall. This particular animation wasn't your strongest, but I know you have a higher animating caliber than that, so just make sure you take the flaws mentioned from me, and others, into account. Nice job, nonetheless.

    With that being said, I might have to hold my vote... but I'm leaning towards SunGod. Decent match, but I know you both can do better.

    Fancying the little easter eggs there

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  8. Duo Bios

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    Congrats on that W DeadMeme. Locking thread.
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