Wolferian VS Hiyo

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who won?

  1. wolferian

  2. hiyo

  1. UntitledOmega

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    probably somewhere lame
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  2. Epicness182

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    Although this MBR is...eh... Someone's got to win right?

    This kinda remind me of old fashion 2010 MBRS.
    The theme is sky battle but both animations had, very little sky battle.

    I'm not good at CnC so bare with me.
    Wolf: You're fight was only 30 sec long, but I wouldn't call it much of a fight. You just knocked his character in the air and did attacks.
    There wasn't much emotion in. Jab jab jab, troll, jab, knock down then 30 sec of memes.
    uh, oh and the sounds were kinda weird, real quiet.
    The combo was smooth but, eh

    "In nature only strong survive." It gave me flash backs.
    I see you did that megaman power up thing, I like it.
    Action was, Okay....

    Vote Lucario was more, amusing.
    Just some advice though, take you're future battles more serious. We all get busy and lazy, it's understandable.
    But if it happens to many times some people may not want to battle you in the long run.
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  3. EightQueens

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    Oohhh, yay! So much MBR happening today.

    Okay, First off:
    Wolfy: When you were doing some aerial attacks on that poor dude, I noticed that there are some zero emotions from some hits but overall it's pretty good. And I see you are doing some JoJo's Adventure meme going on, but please do not make it your entire half of your video. It makes it a meme instead of an MBR, sweetie. Your pacing is pretty good throughout the fight, and it made it seem like the fast paced battle that it should be. A negative, but I'm not going to hold you down on it, is that there wasn't any music but your SFX was enough to make up the lack of audio. It unfortunately let me down a bit by your disclaimer; it shouldn't be there. Tell em to fuck off; just not on your video for a MBR. You don't need to use a quarter of your video to tell them all that, hun. So it's best to do it in the video description in big text rather than take up a quarter of the video. It's an MBR and having it there was a little off-setting.

    Hiyo: Pacing felt awkward for me at the beginning. Mainly because during your little warm up sequence (I like that) but, maybe it shouldn't be used if you're going to delay reaction of when Wolfy notice you're preparing your build up skill. Not only that, I feel like the "ROUND 1" and "ROUND 2" shouldn't be there since it should be just the aerial battle. Your last part felt... uh. How should I put it; Why are you doing an aerial battle on flying discs? You also cut off on round two, and I know it's suppose to be ten seconds and all but I just don't like the feeling of it getting cut off without a proper way; like are you winning at the end? I can't tell unfortunately, dearie. It ended so abruptly that I couldn't tell what had happened.
    Also, that text color. I'm getting a really weird sense of deja vu here.

    Overall feel:
    Both of you two need to do better on your endings.
    Hiyo, you should probably do something about that text because it's on the tip of my finger about how it was colored. Pacing needs to be fixed a little bit and also you need to grasp onto the battle theme more because I'm unsure if I could say you got the theme better.
    Wolfy, Please do not let a meme be longer than your actual video or your own disclaimer towards people who can't stop. You were able to use the aerial battle theme pretty well, might have to tweak some parts, but overall it's cool.

    My vote will go to Wolfy though.
  4. Shulkle

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  5. OOOOoooooh, boy.

    The way you animate is so jarring.

    What the heck was this doll supposed to be? What's it's story? Why is it in space? Was he cursed? I have questions, and your animation makes absolutely no effort to explain any of them.
    This kick lacks impact. It's like Kota baby tapped him and he got launched to the high heavens...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Here, Kota kicks the other OC upward, but then the OC flies northwest. The physics in that are all off and the attacks that follow have camming that is so out of focus that it's hard to follow. The fact that your attacks are really fast don't really help with being able to see what's going on either.
    At 0:15, kota's character rapidly vibrates then flies out of the camera. it's random, unexplained, and quite weird.
    During kota's barrage of attacks whoever's character that is, it makes knife sounds despite there being no signs of a knife or any blade for that matter.
    Your cam is so far away.. We want to see the characters fighting, not the scenery (unless of course the scenery is truly interesting and has little details in the background that move or something like how Drew animates his grass moving, etc) The barrage lasts far too long. It accounts for 10 seconds of your animation. Something like that should be a lot more curt.. Having it last for as long as you did made it look incredibly awkward.
    This effect should be screened in flash. That black effect around it shouldn't be there. It looks ugly.
    At 0:27, Kota once again vibrates then flies away in what I assume is supposed to be some attempt someone teleporting or something because at 0:28 seconds, he's back on the ground waiting for the second OC to fall from the sky from the attack he dealt on him far before he actually decided to come down from space.

    AND THEN, you ended on a meme.. not a good look. (I've done it, too. Trust me, it's an awful way to end a video and comes off as lazy)

    Your animation isn't terrible, but it isn't anything incredibly interesting. It's actually quite hard to follow.

    This walk doesn't bob. Because of this, it feels more like a weird sliding motion.
    That lightning is HUGE and you used a little shock sound effect for an effect that is supposed to be much more colossal and threatening. It's off-putting.
    If you're trying to get the whole blue to red text thing to match his eyes, then shouldn't it be red to blue considering his
    His red eye (despite it being his right eye) to our left like the text is and the blue one is on the right...?
    What is this power?
    Is it him selecting which elemental attribute he is using? Had to check your MBR profile, and sure enough, it is. But illustrating it like a holographic "character select" type deal is weird. I'm sure that you were trying to show that your character was selecting it by doing so and to us, it looks like he's standing and thinking about which to pick, and then to Kota, it looks like he's just standing there. Regardless, there are more subtle ways to show a character element swapping without making something that looks so random and "out there"
    The resizing of your OC when Kota kicks you is completely unnecessary. You made him so incredibly wide. You coulda just left him the same width.. Also, the blur quality looks a bit low, (set it to high next time unless it is and my eyes just suck)
    Despite the way the purple platform just changes placement because your OC teleported looking really random (you would think the platform would disappear and reappear with him rather than remaining present), this little elemental platform thing is really cool, actually. I've thought of doing it with my character but i've never gotten around to it. While I do commend you for doing it a way that I haven't seen, the platforms look very... remedial. It looks like they're floating on elliptical guitar picks. You could have done a gradient effect with the fill of the ovular shape to create a sense of depth to the platforms instead of them looking like plastic. And maybe added a glow to make them feel more magical..

    ALSO, gotta love the fact that you actually used "tch" in an animation.. it made me chuckle a bit.



    Hiyo. Even though your animation is unfinished, it's far better looking and has a more clear sense of direction than wolferian's does.
    It's good to see MBRs becoming more prevalent again. Congrats to both of you for both actually making something that's a decent length. (y)

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  6. Kvn11

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    Aaaaaaaand you forgot the poll :L there you go :D


    You should really add some music to your animation; I just feel like it sounds a lot more empty otherwise.
    As for the hits during that last attack, why is the vcam shake so inconsistent? Hiyo's oc isn't even reacting to some of the hits; he was pokerface af.
    Speaking of that last attack, the vcam is zoomed out too much. Most of the upper screen wasn't even filled with anything except a moon; you could've definitely zoomed in and pan the vcam down a bit.
    Good news is, you're good at blurring and your combos transitioned into eachother decently well :D


    I don't understand the inconsistency in the text :L It's just off-putting imo.
    Also the flow of the animation was good until you did the megaman power thingy. It was like an awkward pause whereas you could've done something else to grab the viewers attention while he switches (like panning the vcam or something).
    However, you set up much more exposition than Wolf did, and your combos synced up pretty well.

    I'm going for Hiyo's animation. While it's unfinished, it's still technically longer than Wolf's anim if he cut out the credits. Hiyo also had more fighting compared to Wolf's Greninja/Ike/Mii Swordsmen final smash-esque attack.
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    Congrats on that W Discount Shulkle. I'll be giving you your MBR Point shortly.

    Locking thread.
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