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    You can call me Norrin.
    I've been an artist for pretty much as long as I remember, and an animator for a little over 6 years now. Maplestory was the prime influence for me growing up, and my love for animating. As a kid, I spent an absolutely VAST amount of time watching maplestory animations on youtube - I mean, it was like my 2 most important things mixed together at the time(Maplestory, and magically moving pictures)

    I'd come to respect a lot of the individuals who spent the time and dedication into making all of the little videos I built the foundation of my childhood on, but more than that, I'd come to realize that these were just random youtubers who decided to start making animations! I told myself that "Hey, these people can do it, so can I!" And thus was the birth of my life as an animator, from Powerpoint to MovieMaker to Sony Vegas to ToonBoom to Flash.

    I started out animating Sprites, but now I mostly do freehand animation.
    Recently, I found out about SpriteFan2's Mapling Times 10th Year Anniverary video, which turned me into a nostalgic booger, leading me to rewatch many of the old videos I'd enjoyed as a kid.

    Unsurprisingly, I ended up here. Hi :D
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    Ey, welcome to Maplemation! I'm pretty sure everyone got nostalgia from watching Derek's tutorials. Maybe you'd be able to mix some of that SV/animation knowlege into what you can make now. Hope you see you around~.
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