About Maplemation

What is Maplemation?

Maplemation is a forum for MapleStory sprite animators to post their animations to share with others. It is also a place for any sprite animators, spriters, artists, etc. to share their work, and just a place to hang out!

Who runs Maplemation?

These swell dudes.

Who originally founded Maplemation?

The original founders were Tate, Makani, and RumSwiller.

Is Maplemation affiliated with MapleStory?

Nope. We just are fans of the game and like the sprites from it.

How do I start posting?

Simple, you just need to create an account to start posting. You can register by clicking Sign Up at the top of any page.

Are there resources I can have?

A lot of resources you can obtain from Maplestory.Design . Alongside, once you make an introduction thread you have access to all of our resources! Also remember, simply Googling goes a long way.

What does “CnC” mean?

Comment and Criticism (or “CnC”) is simply receiving constructive feedback on your work and how to make it better. CnC on your work from other users should not be taken to heart, as it is a comment on your work, and not you as an individual. Here's a more in depth thread on CNC.