(MBR) Trystin vs Kazuke

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Who do you think won this cross bout?

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  1. Trystin!

  2. Kazuke!

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  1. SleepyTrystin

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    Jun 25, 2016
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    Theme of Mbr: 1 vs 1 (all sprite)
    Time we had: 2 weeks but we both finished a week early
    The amount of time we had to have: 30 seconds minimum

    My notes: With this mbr I wanted to bring a lot more to the table then my last one. But I was limited with the gon sprites. I really did enjoy making this along with talking to Kazuke. Good luck man.

    My animation:

    My MBR Profile:

    Kazuke's notes: ''The Envelop tool is your best friend''

    Kazuke's animation:

    Kazuke's MBR profile:
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  2. Alpha

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    Feb 12, 2011
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    Good stuff, i'm a huge hxh fan, so i liked the choice, though it was a tad one sided.

    Dude, your combat fundamentals are there, but you gotta make your fights a couple paces faster to make it interesting.
    Your text presentation/dialogue is kinda silly, remember that the pre-fight is important to your anim as well.
    Your background is solid blue, everything else about the map is fine to me.
    Also, Killua's yoyo weighs like 50 kilograms dude, Gon cant just EAT that without even breaking the run cycle, lol.

    Twas a good try, though i cant really think of much to say besides the fact that its an improvement.
    That drawing was pretty bad, at least in the context of the animation
    Maplestory backgrounds are an...odd choice for those sprites, but maybe its just in this specific case.
    Combat, like Trystin, was slow and fairly undynamic. Break down popular animations frame by frame on youtube and see their composition.

    Vote goes to trystin, fite me after my MBR is done m8.
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  3. Merron Pan

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    Feb 10, 2017
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    The Shadow Realm
    Both Trystin and Kazuke:
    I feel that you both could have used the full 2 weeks to make a better quality finish imo
    some cnc that you might see from me and other people possibly could have been avoided
    with working on the animation more

    -try to avoid using dark text with dark outline (vise-versa with light text), white text with a black outline is the easiest to read in all backgrounds but you can substitute the black for a different color (as long as it contrasts well with the white)
    -i know you were probably itching to get to the fighting, but you have to remember that pre-fight actions/dialogue are just as important. They pretty much set the tone for what your animation's going to be like. In your case the tone of your animation ended up being not as serious as you probably wanted it to be because the pre-fight dialogue was flat (ie: "kilua fight me ---> k")
    music selection also has influence on this as well, but you chose a good song
    -music is a bit quiet for me personally, you should try and find that sweet spot between your music loudness and effects loudness (unless you're doing something like sync videos or specific dialogue scenes), also adding fighting grunt sounds would have added a nice touch, just gotta go looking for voice clips that fit the character
    -as for pacing, just keep watching other people's animations and you'll get the feel for creating your own kind of flow in fight choreography

    -in regards to mixing vector (flash drawn) graphics to sprite animations I feel that you need to work on your drawing fundamentals before you start applying it to flash. When you do a close up like what you did with Sasuke the whole point is to create a more detailed, clear depiction of smaller movements that sometimes sprites can't convey (ie: his sharingan), but you created a very simple, flat drawing, that not only clashed with the detailed MS background, but defeated the purpose of the close up in general.
    -you should try and make more clear hit sparks. I noticed that most of the times both characters clashed with (or hit) each other, the hit-spark effect was small and to fast (except for the very last hit which wasn't too bad)
    -I would try and add some form of build up to the fight (pre-fight actions that lead to the fighting itself) they kind of just stand there quickly then go at it which isn't very appealing imo
    -I noticed that past 7 seconds (except for the sharingan) in the video you used basically the same zoom for the v-cam. Try and mix things up a bit and experiment with different v-cam movements and zooms
    -as for pacing, look to Trystin's cnc

    Overall: I think you both did a good job on this, but my vote goes to Trystin
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  4. SuperKimxD

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    Dec 30, 2010
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    Congratulations on your win, Trystin!
    Neil isn't here to do his job, so I'll go ahead and do it for him :^) your profiles will be updated soon.
    god I hope I do this right
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