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Which puffball won?

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  1. SleepyTrystin

    SleepyTrystin Crappy Kirby animator

    Jun 25, 2016
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    Theme: kirby combo!
    Time: 3 days (1 day delay by Katon as they had lost progress cause flash sucks sometimes)
    Had to have: 10 seconds

    My notes
    ''I had fun doing this MBR as I got to test alot more things out with text, I had a friend who gave me a little inspiration in the texts as well''

    Trystin's animation

    Trystin's MBR Profile: http://maplemation.com/threads/trystins-mbr-profile-2018-version.34821/

    Mexo's notes
    it was tough for a first MBR. though while i did have struggles it was very fun and interesting and i'd love to do more in the near future''

    Mexo's animation

    Mexo's MBR Profile: http://maplemation.com/threads/copys-mbr-profile.34967/
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  2. UntitledOmega

    UntitledOmega The king of exhaustion

    Mar 24, 2016
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    probably somewhere lame
    Okay so I'm voting for Trystin because his animation is better, smoother, and made more sense. Since I'm pretty much only good at nitpicking il leave most of the cnc to everyone else. HOWEVER I will point out mexo's animations fatal flaws. other then that I'll spectate.

    1) okay so i see you both did text in your animations, but Mexo your text moves so fast that i needed to pause the video multiple times to read it! Generally you should leave text on screen in an animation to clearly read it out around 2-3 times before moving on.
    2) your animations movement is very choppy and I can tell you rushed it a bit. However I will say you should try to have it be one comprehendible movement at a time (idk if that is enough but I'm sure others will touch on that)
    3) you animation keeps changing what its focused on too
    fast, and for no reason? I'll say this watch AlenBeckers 12 principles of animation! this will help you understand what some of these are, also you should probably go and watch dereks tutorial on sprite animation too while you're at it.
    4) so I know this is a Kirby themed MBR but why are squirrel kid's, and saito's characters in your animation? isn't it supposed to be a Fight between your character and Trystins character where you pull off a Combo-Attack?
    and last 5) I see you put some effort into your animation, and i will say for a beginner you did a nice job. But I will say what i told Trystin on discord. Stay away from MBR's until you're a little more experienced. Although I'm not going to stop you to power to ya!

    EDIT: I just noticed you added fucking super saiyan 3 goku. like actual dude, i think you should be flat out disqualified due to inability to follow the theme.

    But yeah my vote is for Trystin!
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  3. MexoKaton/Nova

    MexoKaton/Nova [Yune? Is that a weed?!] "no it's just moss"

    Dec 25, 2017
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    Chandler, AZ
    okay, i understand your cnc about my animation. but as for the last thing (the goku thing) it is part of copy's ability to glitch souls she has gathered and use them in fights(as seen on her MBR page) the same goes for bolt (and saito was there as a last minute imput.)

    however despite all of this i already knew i would've taken a massive L (as seen by the polls) but i enjoyed trying it. and i wanted to do the theme properly but due to many things getting way (and flash ruining my first attempt) things didn't go as planned

    i will take your advice with much to reflect on and will try my best at animating better MBR's and following the theme better. once again i appreciate the CnC for this and hope for the best in the near future.

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  4. Shulkle

    Shulkle Remembered as the worst fight animator

    Jan 7, 2016
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    Not going to lie, this is a bit off a mess. Reminds me of Trystin vs. Scythe, and that was kind of bad. Anyways.

    Now, experimenting is nice and all, but at this point, it looks like a mess. Your text is inconsistent as all here, from having no text box, to having a text box, to having the text shift to the far right. I sure didn't understand the beginning static at all, and the dialogue itself seemed quite unnecessary considering the theme. Now for the combo itself, there wasn't any sliding/movement, in addition to your Kirby standing in the exact same spot all the way through. The hit reactions didn't change much at all either. Sure the other Kirby pose changed every hit, but she didn't move back or anything after the hits. The vcam having the exact same shake per hit also makes the attacks seem as if they have the exact same impact, with the exact same pacing, and the exact same hit fx until the last kick. The combo itself was very samey to put it nicely. Something that could be made within 1 hour with a nested symbol to be honest. Considering the theme, I think you put far too much effort on the dialogue, even though it's kind of a messy and not exactly refined. It's hard for me to agree that you "finished" when this kind of looks a tad bit like a wreck. Combo itself was pretty damn lackluster and the dragging start up didn't help.

    After rewatching your part over and over again, I'm going to go on a limb and say, you frame by framed everything instead of tweening didn't you? And when I mean everything, I mean simple transitions and walking was all frame by frame, like a Windows Movie Maker animation. Try to study other animations, since it seems like you don't have a firm grasp on basic pacing and movement. This is going to sound weird but,
    Don't actually watch this until you get a basic understanding of how your own frames work, the basic ideas and concepts in a symbol and tweens, alignments, sliding, and so forth. You'll only confuse yourself, because I think you don't have any fond idea of what you're doing or what to even do when it comes to how animations work. I'd say Spritefan2's tutorial would be better to watch first, and THEN the principles of animation. I'm not going to nitpick your animation that much, mostly because if I did this would probably be the longest Maplemation post I've ever written, and it'd be hard to describe due to a lack of a foundation of understanding. Though I will say, your best bet would be to start out with basics like a tweened walk, or switching poses with proper alignment/having a guide layer with an alignment line, and maybe just a sandbag bash without having to use random spritesheets from random other places, because that looked random to the point it looks funny, and not the good kind of funny.

    To be honest, I'm really hesitant to vote. Yeah, Trystin probably got this in the bag and all, but I just don't feel exactly satisfied about how this turned out in the end. Nevertheless, I will applaud you for finishing...even if I do think it could have turned out a lot better. Good luck in your future MBRs~
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  5. Kokorz

    Kokorz Kokorz

    Oct 7, 2016
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    Hey, an actual Kirby MBR! Neat!
    Well then.

    Pretty much everything has been said, but I'm still gonna put my (probably invalid or repeated before) opinions.

    Trystin, while you have improved(and actually finished your animation, yay!), that combo felt too lackluster, as in it didn't have many varieties and your Kirb stayed in the same spot. Textboxes disappeared and reappeared too.

    Mexo, that was... too quick. You're probably starting out so I'm simply going to say start using Motion and Classic Tweens. It saves an ass and a leg. Dialogue also sped by way too quick. I suggest adding a bunch of frames and reading it out loud to time it. After you reach the end of the sentence, add a keyframe and remove the text from where the keyframe was placed. (That's how I do it anyways.)

    Good luck to both of you!
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  6. Neil

    Neil "Oops"

    Jan 23, 2012
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    Congrats Trystin.
    I'll update your profiles soon.
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