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  1. Shulkle

    Shulkle Still the worst fight maker

    Jan 7, 2016
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    On a computer
    Ready for another MBR?!
    Theme: 1v1
    Duedate: 1 week
    Time Limit: 30 seconds minimum

    Grace’s animation:
    Grace’s MBR profile: http://maplemation.com/threads/gracelings-mbr-profile.34810/
    Grace’s notes: I honestly didn't think I could finish this in time but wow over a mintue long! This was actually really fun to make on my part (even though there are som mistakes here and there c":) So enjoy I guess?!

    Trystin’s animation:
    Trystin’s MBR profile: http://maplemation.com/threads/trystins-mbr-profile-2018-version.34821/
    Trystin’s notes: None

    Vote fairly, don’t vote out of favortism, yada yada.
  2. Epicness182

    Epicness182 Hi, I'm here.

    Jul 26, 2012
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    Looks like MBR's are making their way back.

    Congrats on completing your part.
    Also A+ for it being complete and decent.
    There's not much Cnc i can really give on it other then this and its just me being picky, so take is as you please.

    The transition was sudden so was the face change I recommend at least in one in-between use opacity to give it a nice blend.

    The effects and sfx went before the actual swing, does it work? Eh maybe but it just felt off to me.

    Again just preferences.

    Overall, hey ya did it. Congrats and keep up the good work.

    You would've had alittle more points in my book if you got rid of all the guide lines. It just makes the presentation look bad.
    There are some pretty obvious mistakes that I wouldnt call nitpicking.

    Chat box didn't appear.

    Part of the animation had choppy skewing and resizing.
    Overall, keep practicing and please meet the min requirement.
    If you don't take these matches seriously its gonna look bad on you.

    My votes for grace.
  3. DJTiki

    DJTiki Yes

    May 1, 2016
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    Mimiga Island

    Yiiikes. Not even one.

    It's almost like if you work dedicated towards a project instead of playing video games and talking trash for most of the week then you produce good results. You should probably stop trying to take MBRs if you aren't going to take it somewhat seriously, Trystin. You didn't even meet the main requirement on top of a choppy animation despite given ample time.

    Good job, Grace. I already gave you plenty of CnC so I don't feel the need to restate myself.
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  4. Sleep

    Sleep Newbie

    Jan 16, 2016
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    First :eyes:

    Okay here's my clearly unbiased cnc

    Firstly There a clear lack of emotions in your animation it's like watching robots fighting lol
    Like when you kicked him at 0:19 he frowned
    But when you hit him with a fucking pole he didn't even blink lol
    Also at 1:10 that "broken ground"
    Doesn't fit with the ground you choosed it make even less sense with the blood
    You're better off using the eraser tool to remove part of the ground to make it look how you want
    Also if i got to nitpick
    That demon girl at first look floating /levitating rather then flying
    Also it's better to a white line for ice breaking
    More like trytogetgudstin

    A sudden guideline appeared !
    Is that supposed to be ice ?
    the stealth break laws of physics being shot like this
    Another sudden guideline appears!
    The slash effect you used doesn't seems to be fitting in the situation you used it in
    Other in other words
    Get better effects noob
    There's seems to be a invisible monster that has taken you and grace along with sword
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  5. Thanks for the cnc dude! <3 But I will say this. I couldn't add much emotion to Trystins character mainly because of the spritesheet he gave me barely had any emotions I could use. The ones he did have wouldn't import in flash right. He has a FLA but it wouldn't open in my flash 8. So I had to settle with using mouths.
  6. Pepsi101Loser

    Dec 14, 2017
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    Hope this doesn't seem biased.
    I had high expectations, and looked forward to this MBR.

    Can I just say... I am oh so very proud of you??
    You've certainly improved since I've first met you, and I haven't even known you for that long, so that says alot.

    I understand the lack of facial expressions on Trystin's OC was due to his spritesheet lacking in providing what you needed, so you get a pass on that.

    I understood what you were trying to do with Trystin moving in the air, but i felt that it was a bit slow...
    But that may be just me.

    Other than that,
    I looove :D
    Keep on animatin~! You're doing

    Throughout the whole animation process, you stayed focus and determined to finish this MBR. That is truly admirable, and I commend you for having the patience to complete this MBR. I know how busy you are with other collabs and stuff, so it truly amazes me at how well you did with this.

    I'm a tad bit disappointed. I wish you put as much effort into this as Grace did.


    I may be repeating what other's have pointed out, but whateva.

    The guideline.... you could have at least gotten rid of that, c'mon? ://

    The walk cycle you did in the beginning was kind of odd, you aligned at the head, rather than at the feet.

    You failed to meet the time minimum of 30 seconds.
    Stretching it out to 36 seconds of nothing happening doesn't help :^)

    Also, If you read Grace's MBR Profile, she describes her OC's Powers. You made her use a fire ability..... Grace doesn't know how to use fire.

    Grace was stressing about this MBR for a week, and It kind of makes you lose reputation points because you couldn't meet the requirements that YOU set up for this MBR in the first place.
    I am curious as to why you challenged her in the first place if you weren't planning to
    take it seriously.
    Next time, manage your time better. If you aren't going to put your all into something you commit yourself to, what's the point?
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  7. SleepyTrystin

    SleepyTrystin Crappy Kirby animator

    Jun 25, 2016
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    Talking trash most of the week? umm what? I didn't even talk to anyone but wolf and even then it wasn't trash. I didn't even talk about the MBR unless I needed too which was only to grace and shuckle and it was ether to get my maple character or to get the unfinished animation.
  8. "G E N X A C E"

    Apr 26, 2018
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    Wait, there are minimum requirements?

    O h b o y . . .
  9. UntitledOmega

    UntitledOmega Some Tired EdgeLord.

    Mar 24, 2016
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    I don't know.
    I warned you this would happen Trystin...
  10. Don't let that scare you. It all depends on what both parties want dude. So you'll be fine bro <3
  11. SleepyTrystin

    SleepyTrystin Crappy Kirby animator

    Jun 25, 2016
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    Yea I know but I didn't expect someone to spread false lies. Like Jfc.
  12. Digital

    Digital Corpse

    Apr 21, 2013
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    Okay i guess I'll and my 2 cent...
    Grace, you already know how i feel about your flow and your camera work, but you also gotta work on your presentation because a fighting animation like that should be a little more dynamic especially considering it was only a minute long.

    Jesus Christ man how the hell do you flake on your own requirements?
    I know what its like to cram shit in but dude, that is just embarrassing,
    Cnc wise i have a fustercluck ton of things to pick at, you did alot of things and none of them were executed correctly, your charecter animation was sloppy that weird eye movement thing was gross you STOPPED AT THE 20 SECOND MARK AND HAD THE AUDACITY TO EXTEND IT TO MAKE IT 30 SECONDS you honestly are nowhere near ready to compete in mbrs if you can't even get the basics done.

    I vote grace.
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  13. Flexation

    Flexation Newbie

    Jun 4, 2017
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    I have no clue what the whole lore is behind this mbr however I will say...

    Grace you did really good job with it. The effects are really good, the physics and the bouncyness to the character flows really nicely and makes everything look natural. Very fluid and I can easily tell you put effort into this. Excited to see more of your character and more of your work :D.

    Trystin it didn't really seem like you were really prepared for this to be honest. From what I see in others CnC you dictated the regulations (so technically you could have started working weeks in advanced knowing you were going to mbr Grace) and you still didn't put forth the best of your ability. I feel like you sorta have an understanding of what you are doing (with the guidlines and everything) but you executed it poorly. Like the others said and I'm repeating, you should take it a bit more seriously otherwise you waste everybody's time. All I can say is keep practicing dude.

    Also probably a nitpick but cut the video shorter dude, that went on for 16 seconds longer than it should have (thats probably because you wanted to hit that time requisite but still.)
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  14. SleepyTrystin

    SleepyTrystin Crappy Kirby animator

    Jun 25, 2016
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    Like with the hole time thing people seem to get this off I did nothing to edit it with its an unfinished animation I appreciated the CnC I was gunna make the animation 36 seconds long. Which is why that the video is 36 seconds long. So on that part I left was the guild lines (which I did forget to delete) and I didn't cut down how long the frames where long as well (Like the background).

    Um. In the flash I had it Prepared and set to 30 seconds before I even started on this animation. I did have full Intentions on finishing this animation. Even if I knew I was going to lose. I do appreciate the CnC though.

    // http://maplemation.com/threads/how-to-avoid-multiposting.34393/
    Try not to double post. \\
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  15. SuperKimxD

    SuperKimxD Space Case
    Retired Staff

    Dec 30, 2010
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    It'd be awesome if everyone could please try to keep conversation respectful and refrain from double posting. Thanks c:
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  16. Digital

    Digital Corpse

    Apr 21, 2013
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    Access Denied
    Double posting is a no-go just wanted to say that, but i guess that's understandable.
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  17. Nameomn

    Nameomn Sword Combat Specialist

    Nov 4, 2014
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    Not sure is it a maple battle royale or free ice cream.

    Beside pacing error and lack of weight/momentum when you moving objects around and both of them seem to have 200ping(if you know what I mean) mistake here and there, I would say it pretty ok.
    My main complain is that It's too little going on in 1 minute spand and they look really silly to me, I can summarize as this

    -Your char and your friend running toward to Trystin

    -Your friend get shot by a non-impactful dodgable projectile(doesn't seem like ice either) but get hit anyways and never get up even when the fight is over. I was like "Where is she?"

    -Trytsin act like he is the one shooting it but those up comming ice ball seem like it came out of thin air. Because there is no sound or effect when he casting them.

    -After you deflected all of them and Trystin jump attack. You present to me with a fight that have a sword for the sake of having them, Like after some sword crash and Trystin's thrust, You have a chance to counter attack him but Thrust The Sword into the ground and punch kick him instead (don't even get it off either) = =ll

    -Trystin doesn't show any sign of injury after get punch so hard He flied into electric pole.. ok

    -Trystin cast his ice power and your char's feet get stuck in ice so when she got hit by a solid object she have to either Fall to the side/Break her leg/Ice floor or ball shatter but instead She tanked them. I would recommand you make her change pose that has similar footting and not just shanking one.

    -She got froze trystin walk up to her gg and walk away like a good old Cliché, Oh she's BREAKING IT errrhh... black line?? on ice?? Why not white?

    -Trystin turn around / throw a couple of ice at her / dash in / get grabed by the laggiest grab ever lol / smash slams jams / Finally throw him at the electric pole / Trystin seem to losing connection as he SSSllloooowwwlllyyyy fly toward to it / You lift the whole electric pole up (WOW I wonder why it doesn't fall when he hit it last time just look at how deep the pole burried in the ground) but srsly I cant really blame you on this XD But she can teleport? What!? Why did she have to walk to him then?

    -Trystin got homeruned into the sky, At this point I think he ragequited becasue his lack of reaction to pains, And then you teleport on top and pwned him.

    Bro you have a LOT to learn before you take your step out there man, When we see MBR we expect both maker to be evenly match or atleast has a very distinctable animation style becasue It's would be really fun that way and not someone just giving free win to others.

    Animation / Tweening / Resizing error aside

    Your animation look so gimmicky like jump on 3 poles to throw scabbard at her, Where she just politely wait there for you to do it...
    If she continue to throw more things at you It would have make sense.

    I hope both of you will this pick up(Don't take it personally) and use it to improve your animation in the future.
    So I can enjoys more of good MBR.
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  18. Neil

    Neil (Not) Society

    Jan 23, 2012
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    Congrats on your flawless victory, Grace!
    I'll update your profile soon.
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